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formZ Mobile Viewer v1.2 Now Available!


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formZ Mobile Viewer v1.2 is now available in the Apple App Store!


What's new in v1.2:

• Improved support for opening documents from cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox

• Construction Guides are now ignored

• Improved memory optimization

• Added a warning when opening files that contain objects that will not display properly because of high optimization settings


Happy Modeling!  :)

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This issue is caused by the compression of the file.  If you open the file in formZ, go to Project Settings > Project Files and move the compression slider one notch to the left, then resave the file, it will open in the Viewer.  This should have invoked an error message regarding the optimization so we are currently looking into the problem.  Thanks for posting your file, we will get this corrected! 

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I can not get Dropbox to work.

v1.2.1, iOS 9.3.4/.5, Mini4 and Pro's

importing works fine by iTunes, I have no iCloud.

Only iCloud show up as alternative. Under More I find Dropbox and File Storage among others. Activate them turns gren but they will not show up in the listing under the +. Other like Documents will show up.

It also says 'Doesn't support opening files' on both Dropbox and File storage.

I have installed 1.2.1 manual 'over' existing 1.2.1 but not removed and reinstalled (got lots of files)

Other apps importing/exporting etc works fine with Dropbox.


Thanks/ Bo

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Yes, all is working fine with all other apps that use Dropbox. And of course Dropbox itself. Strange.

(I really do enjoy the _all_ the great abilities in the app on iOS, but to have the Dropbox working would make thing so much easier).

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