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  1. Yes, all is working fine with all other apps that use Dropbox. And of course Dropbox itself. Strange. (I really do enjoy the _all_ the great abilities in the app on iOS, but to have the Dropbox working would make thing so much easier).
  2. I can not get Dropbox to work. v1.2.1, iOS 9.3.4/.5, Mini4 and Pro's importing works fine by iTunes, I have no iCloud. Only iCloud show up as alternative. Under More I find Dropbox and File Storage among others. Activate them turns gren but they will not show up in the listing under the +. Other like Documents will show up. It also says 'Doesn't support opening files' on both Dropbox and File storage. I have installed 1.2.1 manual 'over' existing 1.2.1 but not removed and reinstalled (got lots of files) Other apps importing/exporting etc works fine with Dropbox. Thanks/ Bo
  3. RunTime

    FormZ plug not working

    >I do not understand what you are reporting with the lights. If you need help with this, please write up numbered steps to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. OK, lets that be on my inexperienced account... It boils down to that the combo: FormZ 8.5.6 Maxwell And plug-in Does NOT work, license problem... But: FormZ 8.5.6 Maxwell And plug-in does indeed work. Thanks/ Bo
  4. RunTime

    FormZ plug not working

    OK, here is a matris fz 856 mx 310 pl 3104 OK fz 856 ->mx 3215 pl 3104 OK fz 856 mx 3215 ->pl 3214 OK fz 856 mx 3215 ->pl 3216 render gives license Q (Fire OK) So something get of the track with 'Maxwell_for_formZ8_3_2_1_6.zip' Do you have a plug I can test? Thanks/ Bo
  5. RunTime

    FormZ plug not working

    >Please try restarting First thing! :-) I have also tried starting up clean without other stuff running in background. >Also, if you opened an existing file without the plugin installed, and re saved the file, any Maxwell specific data such as a physical sky light would no longer be present in the file. Not the case. I cant create a new (I get no lights) or use an old intact file (I get Not licensed). Though the plug IS loading as I get icon, meny and Fire window But rendering an old mxs works... The only thing that sticks out is that the plug and Maxwell is different versions (my earlier setups they always had identical version numbers, but that may be unimportant) Thanks/ Bo
  6. Hi, All worked well on OSX 10.9.5, FormZ 8.5.4, Maxwell plug and Maxwell When I updated yesterday to FormZ 8.5.6 and Maxwell plug and also to the latest Maxwell i got problems. The Maxwell render fine any old mxs file but when running FormZ I get the tools and Fire window, but no lights. Choosing Maxwell from the meny gives 'Maxwell is not licensed...' Fire complains: 'There are no light sources in the scene...' I have re-register Maxwell and it says 'Activation successful...' Any idea of what to try to get the workflow up again? Thanks/ Bo
  7. I installed Maxwell Render demo 3.0.1 and plug-in for formz 8.0.1 (OSX 10.9.5) Maxwell start up as supposed to (i figure) but when trying to Fire in FormZ I only get two different failures; Any old projekt, that rendered fine with RenderZone fails with 'There are no light sources in the scene (emitters, sky, IBL). The render will be black.'. And this independent of how many lights there already defined. OK, I then add some light sources or make a new 3D, I get no warning The rendering in the plug-in window reports rendering and a final rending to Maxwell to, but a very black window is all I get. What am I doing wrong?
  8. OK, thanks, this where I suspected to find it, but no (even wen the rest of the LABManager.fzp load fine). Though, as I fond a newer version> today, this one did load all extensions perfectly! This will greatly simplify my work, as I am one of those who creates a mess creating and then have to organize the days work...
  9. All other extensions works fine but I find it completely impossible to find _where_ to invoke this command. 'just select existing objects, invoke New Layer from Selection', but where? I also can find no icon relating palette 'New Layer from Selection'.
  10. RunTime

    Tool Manager and to delete palette

    Letting the application create a new preference folder, pointing out the preferences.zpf and import a backup of my carefully crafted workspaces.zws (with following crash*) I am back almost where I was (in form of setup), but with all the unwanted palettes. I guess I have to live with them until the bug is fixed. It is really no big issue. Thanks. *Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x000000010f718134
  11. Experimenting with different palettes left me with a bunch of unwanted ones. I have tried any thinkable way to remove them. But they always returns. (Open Tool Manager, ctrl-klick, Delete + [save Workspace] etc). They return like Phoenix. Is this a known problem? And if so, is there a way around that or maybe a correct method to get them deleted? (Also; I like all the palettes vertical, but if I create my own vertical (column) I get a name list to the right that takes up more width than the standard palettes. The result is a aesthetic mess if I try to incorporate my own with the standard set. Please let the 'bar' stay on top and blank in vertical mode, my 2¢).
  12. RunTime

    Picking object

    OK, I understand. I can now stop banging my head against the impossible setting :-) Thanks!
  13. RunTime

    Picking object

    I do not want to pick half segment but I would like to snap to that pint so I can move with this point snapping... As with the move tool. It looks like that is possible in the video: Here is my Pick tool + command and what I get: Here is the Move tool: Here is the tutorial video with Pick tool:
  14. RunTime

    Picking object

    Picking with, for example, the move tool I get all the alternatives (activated in object snap), as expected. When picking by picking tool + command I get a red point/segment(with direction)/face highlighted, nothing else. But I when I look at the tutorial video Picking, I can see what looks like a behavior similar the previous method. What I miss is the possibility too chose, for example, a segment center (divided by two). Is there a setting to adjust or is the video incorrect/outdated? 8.0.1 OS X
  15. RunTime

    Adjusting Axis length

    That would be nice. As for now, often working in a 100 mm cube, I have to choose between having the axis inside the cube (object) or in a 2000 mm cube. Perhaps with the same behavior as in Custom plane. (Even though I believe it would be better looking if the axis always reached slightly outside the grid). Thanks!