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Edit Cone of Vision Crash


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Easy fix.  Hit Command E to enter the cone of vision edit.   Hit Command E to exit.  As you have found if you try to close the window by hitting the x it will crash.  The performance of the cone of vision edit is still wonky but they are working on it.  

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I use Edit cone of vision every day on really large files without any crashes. I use FormZ on three machines (2013 iMac, 2020 iMac, and 2017 MacbookPro), no crashes on any of them.

Just wondering if you dump your prefs and try again.

Also, try contacting support through email, you are more likely to get back to you. They usually respond fairly quickly.

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20 hours ago, spaceagency said:

Got a response from FZ support and after trashing prefs, re-installing FZ 9, etc. But we found the culprit to be an older version of Vray ( Updated Vray to v3.6.8 and the cone of vision works as expected. Many thanks to FZ support and dev team for chasing this down! 👊

Thanks for letting us know 👍🏻

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