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A way to make formZ more popular (but you won't like it...)


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The other day, I borrowed an HP i7 laptop with Geforce GTX from a friend who just switched completely to Mac with a new MacBook Pro, iPhone 12, iPad Pro, and Watch!

I wanted to try the most current version of BricsCAD to check the differences with macOS. Also, have a taste of formZ 9.1 on Wintel.

It took me a couple of hours to download and install everything, and it took me only 5 minutes to realize I'm not interested in the test anymore! 😳🤯😇

Working on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro is still a pleasure, while I wait a bit longer for the new Mx-based Macs. Besides, the last realistic render I did was over TEN years ago!… my fault with Shaded Full display mode complicity. Thanks, ADS!

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On 4/1/2021 at 3:14 PM, AHDD Designer said:

Hello Tech

Will there actually be another statement from you on this topic at some point?
I mean by that:
What is the future of Form.Z?
What are the strategies?

I would still be very interested in this!

We need to see some marketing and for the website to be updated from http to https. The delay is simply taking too long and it loses existing customer confidence let alone attract new customers.

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