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Shaded full shadows through glass


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I would love to see if the Shaded Full render engine can be updated to cast shadows through transparent materials.  

For example currently Shaded Full with the transparent glass layer turned on (Transparency Linear 85%):



Shaded Full with glass layer turned off completely:



It would be great to get the light/shadow quality of the lower image, but through an actual transparent material.  Sometimes rendering it with no glass at all makes it seem a bit too clear.  It presents an unrealistic picture to some clients if the actual glass comes with a tint on the exterior.  


If there is a way to do this now with Shaded Full, please let me know.  (I know it can be done with Renderzone or Vray)

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Glad it worked for you AsOne.

It would be nice if this could be done at material level while working in Shaded Full.

What would be really cool would be visible reflections on glass/mirror materials.


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I think this is technically capable in our OpenGL based Shaded Full mode, but it is not implemented.  OpenGL can also show Self Illumination, but it is also unfortunately not implemented in FormZ.

Our Shaded Full is pretty powerful as is, but it needs some upgrades to be taken to the next level if we are going to compete with other modern 3D packages. 


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