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export vrscene?


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It is worth reminding everyone that when you create a VRscene file it includes a vray sun.  When importing this file back into your project be sure to turn off the option to include lights.  If you don't then there will be an additional sun in your scene that you can not turn off or edit.  It does not show up in your light palette because it is in an outside asset.  I have made this mistake several times and my first clue is that the exposure on my image is completely off. 


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When you go to export your scene object Vray automatically creates a sun by default.  The only option is to disable the light when importing it back in.  If you forget you have to start over.   When discussing this with tech they say that including lights in a scene file is for scenes like a glowing light fixture which kind of makes sense if it was only limited to things like point and cone lights.  Including a sun in a scene file makes  no sense to me.  For me I use scene files for plants, trees, and complex furniture.   If you are not careful importing a dozen plants can give you a dozen suns which can not be turned off.  Tech, if you are listening the obvious fix is to have the lights disabled on import as a Default and then you can choose to enable it for your light fixtures when needed.  Just a thought.


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