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Some maxwell material and grass tests


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Prepare geometry 

The main drawback with scattered grass is the edging to driveways or curbs

Method requires setting up the geo with 3 sections -

A - main grass plane edge with no scatter ,

B - outer thin perimeter of grass on which you scatter small grass objects to maintain a reasonably straight edge  ( I usually scatter 2-3 different smaller grass objects )

C - inner body of grass on which you scatter larger grass objects and clover etc ( I usually scatter 5-6 different grass objects plus say 2 flower objects )

Basically create the plane that requires grass (A) then offset 10 cm and 30cm to create B and C

A, B and C are all mapped with a basic grass texture , this will only be visible on the edge of the grass.


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Remember to ensure the normals are correct on the planes on to which you are scattering

Important also to ensure the world coordinates of the maxwell grass objects (MXS objects) are 0,0,0 otherwise the scattered grasses will not locate properly

Image below shows example of the grass models used in the render sample

NOTE : when imported into studio all these objects occupy 0,0,0 so they will be overlapping in the viewport

I have moved them here to indicate the relative sizes and variation used for the render



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