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  1. What do they expect us to do at this point? Order the Studio version and wait for final confirmation after the release date?🤨
  2. Next Limit recently sent me an e-mail that was the same as an earlier promo for the Maxwell Render pre-order. The only difference was the info on Form Z included I don't know how Next Limit has been doing its market research and maintaining its user database. But how can they expect us users to respond to this in a short time before the official release?
  3. It's nice that they mentioned Form Z's status but what's the time table between the final statement and the release date?
  4. I also sent a message to Next Limit via Facebook. I have no reason to purchase the upgrade if they can't continue supporting Form Z.
  5. I'm trying to update from 8.5.5 because I never got a notice for 8.5.6. Anyway, whenever I reach 75% of the download it tells me a backup doesn't exist and I have to restart Form Z. Then I'm back to where I started with 8.5.5.
  6. BernieB

    VR Modeling Environment

    For an exhibition experience I think it would be cool to use VR where you can draw or move objects in a 3D space. Just be sure to clean the headsets often. But the idea of using it for porn...is just...ridiculous. It's not even New Age, like sleeping in sensory deprivation tank. It's like the reverse of using a sex doll - whatever that is like.
  7. BernieB

    VR Modeling Environment

    Hello. Has there been an online Form Z demonstration of exporting a model into FBX format into Unreal Engine? I didn't realize the latest version has a built-in plugin for FBX export.
  8. HI. I plan on learning to use Unreal engine 4 for my Digital Game Cultures class assignments. Are there any websites or blogs I can look up for Form Z users?