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  1. Python scripting looks very complicated. But it might be the answer to creating the roofing tiles approach I've seen In LWCAD. But we can also create our own shingles and then apply a script to lay them out evenly on a surface then that would be awesome. http://www.formz.com/forum/old/messages/16/65407.html
  2. BernieB

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Did Next Limit offer that as a special package? I don't remember seeing it in any promotions. I only bought the FZ Plugin.
  3. BernieB

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I've noticed there are hardly any press releases about Form Z 9. Only vendors appear to be promoting it and some don't mention v.9's availability.
  4. I also plan to simulate the foam texture of that microphone, but through Maxwell Render. I find their library is limited, so I hope to try developing a new entry someday.
  5. BernieB

    Some maxwell material and grass tests

    I'm also curious about how you did the roof. It's a style I want to do more easily in Form Z.
  6. I'm not fully convinced a texture approach would work. My goal was to replicate the structure of the Rode VideoMic. So I want to have the lattice wrap around another sphere. In the future I also intend to make the inner sphere semi-transparent, to test the lighting and detail within.
  7. I'm curious about modelling a honeycomb lattice around a sphere. I was inspired by Rode's Stereo VideoMic X. Rode Stereo Videomic X
  8. BernieB

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    They've recently sent an e-mail that pre-ordering is ready for the Maxwell Render 5 plugin!
  9. BernieB

    Having problems installing Form Z 9

    Thanks. I can finally sleep better knowing it's the least of my worries, what with the ash falling outside my window.
  10. BernieB

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Recently a new ArchViz magazine was released and it solely involves the use of 3D Studio Max. I never understood how anybody could rely on 3DS Max solely for ArchViz. For what it does I prefer Lightwave 3D. The latter actually has a special 3rd Party plug-in that does parametric modelling. It's called LWCAD. Except for the awesome roofing tools, (terracotta roofs, please) Form Z is better focused on doing the same things. With this latest upgrade loyal Form Z users can pay the same amount as LWCAD. If I wanted more animations I'd still end up exporting the model to another software but that does better than 3DS Max. If you're just compositing the model for film and video you'll end up using software like Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve. They have plugins that will do the effects better than 3DS Max. I think Autodessys needs to prove how Form Z can be incorporated into different workflows. I'm interested in seeing how well it can export into Unreal Engine for presentations. I also plan to see how well it can export models into Lightwave but I'm waiting for the latest developments. As users of Maxwell Render may have read, future updates will include integration with Substance Painter. Form Z > Unreal Engine + Substance Painter. Or Form Z > Maxwell Render + Substance Painter. Those are promising options. It's better to promote Form Z for what it does best than being everything for everyone. I believe Form Z was used for conceptual artists, like the late Syd Mead. But whether artists are designing the future or something historical, Form Z needs to be visible in doing it well.
  11. BernieB

    Having problems installing Form Z 9

    Okay, after doing numerous updates to my PC I managed to install it. But now, I can't register my copy online. The registration tab can't be opened. Every thing else in that menu column is accessible. What gives?
  12. Are any Windows users having a problem installing Form Z 9? I keep getting this Error 1500.
  13. BernieB

    Nvidia GPU on Mac

    Here's the nail in the coffin. I think it's unfair even though I'm a Windows user. 😟 NVIDIA Drops Mac OS support for CUDA.
  14. What do they expect us to do at this point? Order the Studio version and wait for final confirmation after the release date?🤨
  15. Next Limit recently sent me an e-mail that was the same as an earlier promo for the Maxwell Render pre-order. The only difference was the info on Form Z included I don't know how Next Limit has been doing its market research and maintaining its user database. But how can they expect us users to respond to this in a short time before the official release?