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Some bugs


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After some working sessions with Vray plugin installed with FZ 8.6, we faced sometimes the following bugs:


- when exit, the program crashes (see attached capture)

- when GPU selected, the program crashes as soon as we launch a rendering (in both interactive or progressive modes)

- material and light' windows take a lot of time to open after a double click (and sometimes, we have to click on "edit" to open the window)

- quickly moving around the scene with interactive rendering causes crashes 


(Seen on HP Z2 64G ram workstation, Windows 10, nVidia quadro P4000, programs installed on SSD drive, 4K display).



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I can confirm these as well, and FormZ isn't sending crash reports (or even asking to) on Windows 10.  Crash on exit, usually only happens if I have tried the "Use GPU" function.  


Some advice to keep you working with the current release:


Do not use "Use GPU" at the moment.  I don't know why, but doing so eventually causes a crash, maybe not immediately, but after a couple of renders it will, where as keeping it unchecked all the time results in far fewer crashes.  I also noticed that using it just once, and then unchecking it again will cause instability.  This is a real shame because I believe the "Use GPU" activates the RT engine, which should be faster in some cases.  I have 3 GPUs, and I'm still unable to use this feature effectively.  We need ADS or Chaos to focus on stabilizing just this feature for a while so it's not crashing on people in the middle of production work.  We should also be able to run the RT engine with just the CPU, which I believe isn't possible at the moment.  Something else to note here... According to the RT developers, the engine is distinctively different than "Normal" CPU based VRay.  So if you have a scene all setup the way you want it with materials and lights in Normal VRay, and then try to turn on VRay RT (Use GPU), the lighting and materials will look a bit different, and require adjustments to make them look right again.  It is not advisable to go back and forth on a project between the two engines.  Pick one and stick with it for the whole project or you will be creating more work for yourself.  This studio has a great Blog explaining how to use VRay RT efficiently - http://dabarti.com/vfx/category/blog/



Interactive mode - I have had success using it without "Use GPU".  I mostly only use it with "Material Override" Enabled to work through the lighting setup.  This generates a 'white model' type study, which is extremely helpful for quickly setting up the lighting in the scene without being distracted by all the various materials.  There's some great videos showing how to use VRAY efficiently, but unfortunately most are for other platforms.  SketchUp is the closest to ours, and the VRay interface is more familiar, so I tend to use those videos.  Here's a good interior lighting tutorial example. - 



Materials are slow to work with. - Yes, they are.  Be patient and click slowly as it catches up with the preview and you shouldn't have crashing.  Clicking too fast and doing too many things at once, and it seems to cause a freeze or crash.  There's another thread where we brought up the material handling.  I think this section needs an upgrade to be Multi threaded and accelerated in any way possible.  Most of us working professionals have very fast workstations and we shouldn't have this sort of slowness.  Add large modern texture maps over 4mb, and you'll find it almost unusable, like you are working off an old hard drive from the 90s.  Watching the Task Monitor, and FormZ isn't even using a fraction of the CPU power, so I suspect this can be improved.  Shaded is automatically translating the Vray materials, but gets stuck sometimes, and I wonder if this has anything to do with the overall slowness of the materials.  


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One more thing.  If I open one of my furniture models and select a sofa I can paste it into my new model but I have to be very careful.  Watch the spinning blue wheel of patience carefully.  Once it stops spinning I can click and paste my sofa in.  Doing so before the wheel stops causes a crash.  Once I paste it if I go back to my furniture model and click in that window the program crashes about half the time.  So, once you paste something in be sure to save your model. 

In general switching between different models has become very unstable. 


While I do understand the  need to get this software out so that we can all start testing it we need to exercise patience as these things get flushed out.  I have been able to produce a few good images with V-ray so far and I can see that this will be a real game changer for me and my workflow. I just need to very careful.

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That's interesting. GPU rendering seems to work here. Some crashes, but nothing major continuous problems with it.

Except I don't use Interactve mode at all. Could that be the problem?


System is:

Win 10 Pro, i7, 10 GB, GTX 1080

formZ 8.6 build 10017 



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