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editing materials


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We start using V-Ray plugin for integrating in our work process.

We have allready order the full program when it will be release and are very happy to have a new render within FZ.
We are unable to edit V-Ray materials and receive this message (see attached) as soon as we click on "edit" tab.


Thank you for your business




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AutoDesSys had me replace this config file to get my Material editor working again.  It has something to do with Chaos's install not overwriting previous Beta installs correctly on Windows.


Download Link - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_GICO-FLKIUQTdQRTdUckJBSkRxN0hqSi1oc3lxQ3kwdTZN



At this folder location, I had to show hidden files.  Then replace the vrayappsdk.config file with the one I have attached here.  You can open it with Notepad if you'd like to see it, but all it does is point to where the VRMAT editor program lives.  The one I replaced, I saved as _old, just in case.  
Hope this helps you get going again.
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