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Help with lighting interior

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Hiya all,


Playing with the beta and I'm having issues lighting an interior scene. I have a sunlight and a dome light in my scene and they provide some light into my interior scene but it's still dark. I added two rectangular lights, one at each of the two windows but no matter what I do they do not add any more light to the scene. They are pointing in the correct direction.


Many thanks,





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I recently tried VRay with FZ 8.6. I also had problems starting with lighting interior views. Thought I had to increase intensity of VRay lights by a factor of 10-20 to see any light in a simple or complex scene. Tried again a few days later and everything was working consistent with light levels in Renderzone and Full Shaded. No additional problems with lighting. Now my issue is with background images not showing. Just get a hazy grey or black background. 


Love the quality and speed of renderings and the progressive mode allows quick tweaking before taking time to wait for a full render.

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Stay away from dome lights for now.  I have tried repeatedly to use them to no avail. 

I have completed a few successful interiors so far and my method is to create a light plane roughly the size of each window behind each plane of glass.  Set the intensity to about 20.  Then set your camera to something realistic for an interior photo.  Now make a large rectangular box a couple of feet high and place it floating in the middle of the space (not intersecting with any geometry).  Turn that into a V-ray mesh light and set its intensity to about 15. This provides more ambient light in the room.   Make sure you double click on each light plane and box in the palette and go to the parameters tab to make it invisible to the camera and turn off reflections. 

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