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  1. barnabythebear

    Formz to flat layout drawings

    Hiya, I use to output my designs to a laser cutter. I transformed all my components to the same plane and then turned them into 2D profiles with the 'Derive Faces' tool and then used the 'Projection' tool to 'flatten' them. I exported to DWG and imported into CorelDraw to output to my laser. Thanks, Nige.
  2. barnabythebear

    My wish list for V9

    Hiya, The UV unwrapping is a big deal. I've started to use Unity and I need to have a proper UV. Thanks, Nige.
  3. barnabythebear

    Help with lighting interior

    Hiya, Thanks. I ended up deleting those two lights and putting them back in again and it seems to be working now Nige.
  4. barnabythebear

    Help with lighting interior

    Hiya all, Playing with the beta and I'm having issues lighting an interior scene. I have a sunlight and a dome light in my scene and they provide some light into my interior scene but it's still dark. I added two rectangular lights, one at each of the two windows but no matter what I do they do not add any more light to the scene. They are pointing in the correct direction. Many thanks, NIge.
  5. barnabythebear

    From Foem Z to Unreal engine

    Hiya, There are a few options to do this. A simple but useful way to go would be with Nevercentre's 'Silo' modeling software. It's currently $99 A free alternative would be 'Blender'. Thanks Nige.
  6. barnabythebear

    Maxwell Manual or Books?

    Hi Thanks pylon, I have printed off a few pages from the online documentation but it would be convenient to be able to print this off all in one as a proper manual. I'll check out a few more tutorials, ta. Nige.
  7. barnabythebear

    Maxwell Manual or Books?

    Hiya, Is there a full v3.0 manual for download? I have found one for v2.5 but i'm not sure how much has changed and how up-to-date it is. Also, are there any books available for v3.0? Many thanks, Nige.
  8. barnabythebear

    2d Cad software alternative to PowerCadd

    Hi, I've just downloaded the demo of HighDesign 2015. Lovely interface but it doesn't have the deep toolset of PowerCADD with Wildtools. http://www.ilexsoft.com/highdesign/ ta, Nige.
  9. barnabythebear

    Maxwell scenes to download?

    Hiya, A little OT but are there any finished Maxwell scenes (native or FormZ), available to download, particularly arch. interiors, that I can dissect to learn a little more about the sort of set ups that produce good results in terms of lighting and materials? Thanks, Nige.