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  1. First image is Twinmotion second is V-ray not the same but Twinmotion is realtime and there is motion in the foliage needs tweeking but not bad for about an hour after installation.
  2. Just tried Twinmotion with FZ 9.1. No problems with the 9.1 upgrade. Very easy install of the FZ plug-ins for Twinmotion. The exports are very quick and effortless however some texture maps do not come over accurately. Had a couple that did not export or exported as a different material and a couple that exported as glossy when that is not the case when rendered as smooth shaded or in V-Ray. Install of Twinmotion and Unreal Engine required a few tries but after that it is a very short learning curve. Adding landscape is fantastic and adds much to the image quality. Wish their vegetation library was available in FZ. Tried 2 different architectural models (.fmz) with detailed interiors and furniture one at 37Mb and one at 351 Mb
  3. DaveVT


    +1 I'd like to see a tutorial on creating V-Ray materials. At a minimum add a mirror material.
  4. That's very unfortunate. A functional Component (Instancing) capability is a basic element of any CADD/modeling/BIM system. Mostly it works for me but when it doesn't its a bit of a nightmare. I'll put up with it because I've never found a program that is as good in all other ways as FormZ, especially now that V-Ray is available. The renderings and integration are outstanding especially in a first release.
  5. I have experienced a number of FZ crashes after editing a component to include a V Ray material. So far have been unsuccessful on all attempts. Materials were reflective and rendered correctly in Renderzone. Now appear as white or light grey in V Ray. Also have had crashes after moving components, not always but enough to be very annoying
  6. DaveVT

    Vray material in shaded mode

    This needs to be fixed. When selecting a VRay material it seems to loose the Full Shaded and Renderzone definitions so when I go back to one of those the material definition is a white background with some red lettering.
  7. DaveVT


    Hi, I can't seem to find a mirror material. I have resorted to using polished chrome but its a poor substitute. Any suggestions are appreciated. Perhaps I'm just missing something. Its difficult and time consuming to have to hoover over a material to see its full name. Thanks
  8. DaveVT

    Help with lighting interior

    I recently tried VRay with FZ 8.6. I also had problems starting with lighting interior views. Thought I had to increase intensity of VRay lights by a factor of 10-20 to see any light in a simple or complex scene. Tried again a few days later and everything was working consistent with light levels in Renderzone and Full Shaded. No additional problems with lighting. Now my issue is with background images not showing. Just get a hazy grey or black background. Love the quality and speed of renderings and the progressive mode allows quick tweaking before taking time to wait for a full render.
  9. DaveVT

    Clipping Plane Representation

    Christopher, thank you, that works.
  10. DaveVT

    Reshape specific numeric amount

    My work around is to set the snap value to the specific distance then use the reshape tool. Specific numeric input would be preferable.
  11. DaveVT

    Clipping Plane Representation

    My question is, is it possible after the fact, to change the representation of the cross section created by the clipping plane(s) of any and all objects in the model by a simple toggle switch and specification of the color to be used? That is as opposed to your suggestion to select object and change the representation one by one. This is purely a view time setting that is nondestructive to the model as created.
  12. Sorry if this has already been addressed. Is there a toggle that can be set to over ride the representation of solids being cut by the plane to a single selected color like white, grey or black? If not could it be added? Thank you.
  13. I have been having problems when using the very logical and consistent Change Layer tool on ordinary geometry elements in the model. However, when using it to move a component to a different layer than the one it was placed on I get a popup asking if I want to change the component definition and all instances or create a new component. This appears illogical. I am not in the component edit mode. I am only trying to move a component on Layer 2 for instance to layer 5. this seems very easy and consistent. Is there a way to do this now that I have not found. If not could a change component instance tool be added that would keying edits of all of a components attribute values. For a component instance this would include the component name. Layer placed on, and the transform, rotation, and scale x,y &z values. I know I can work around this by deleting and placing another instance on the correct layer but resetting all the attribute data when only one is changing is frustrating. Thank you.
  14. In both modeling and layout environments the ability to view/extract a reflected ceiling plan is a necessary ability for architects to create construction documents, and design drawing packages for communicating with clients and consultants. It also assists with working out the design of everything occurring on the ceiling surfaces such as lighting, sprinkler head layouts, ceiling material geometry, HVAC elements etc.