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6.7.3 functionality missing in 8/8.5


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Missing these 6.7.3 features in version 8 / 8.5  -  



1.  Separate options : separate along boundary of selected faces / along selected segments


2.  Axial Sweep : interactive source manipulation




3. Show normals - presuming I just can't find this one


4.  Line editing 2d : trim pair of segments with join option

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I need to open earlier versions of FormZ. I forget which versions, but pre-v6. In v8 I often get an "unsupported" error, but can open the file in v6.7 and save, then open in v8. A little annoying, but it works. When it doesn't, that will be A LOT annoying.


It was suggested I start converting files over in batches, but my library is extensive (on Z since 1996) and I never know what I'll need to travel back in time to retrieve.


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FYI you can also resave these from v7, and we will find a way to make a future version open these old files.  It is just a long involved tedious process to make that happen -- but we will do it...

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