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Not quite FormZ issue. Looking for house project.


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 Hello dear colleagues.

 A friend of mine is looking for ready residential house project due to lack of time. So we don`t have time to create our own. In a case anyone of you or someone you know has the project to sell that could meet requirements you a welcome to show it to me and claim a price.

 House should be from 5 to 6 thousands square feet (500-600 square meters). It should have 5-6 bedrooms and have spacious living room. Preferably 2 stores building.  Also small guest house by main one is welcome. My friend and I love contemporary style. Something beautiful traditional american or european could be considered too. It should also have spa area, garage for at least two cars.







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Sorry  Anton. I did not see your letter. I've checked and cannot find it. Maybe it got put into my junk mail and subsequently deleted. Could you please resend it?





That`s OK for now we found a project that satisfies us both (client and myself). Thank`s anyway.

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