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  1. john

    formZ 8.5 beta6 comments

    Thanks Tech. I got it.
  2. john

    formZ 8.5 beta6 comments

    DWG now supports Color. I am trying this new feature that is mentioned in the new beta6 but I dont see any change...dwg colors of the objects are all white after exporting them. Please review my file attached. Thank you for you support. layerbycolors.zip
  3. john

    DWG export layer attributes

    Hello Tech, I've tried what you said but the result is the first formz's layer color for all the layer in the .dwg file. I am sendiing the files. What can be wrong? Thank for your support. JOHN layerbycolors.zip
  4. Hello, I am trying to export my formz file to .dwg with the layers and it correspondant colors i have chosen in the formz layer attributes...but the .dwg file comes out with a single color for all layer. HoW can I make it? Thanks.
  5. john

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    Interesting proposal...it would help a lot in the design creativity process.
  6. john

    8.5 cost?

    I thought that whintin the same version number it would be possible to upgraded free. Version 6 / 7 / 8 and 8.5???
  7. Something like this can be?
  8. I forgot to load the formz file..here it is. basicmodel1.fmz.zip
  9. HI Rob, Thanks...that way gives the result I want: A true view projection of my model. But the Project tool in the Derive toolbar should not do the same? look at the picture the results it gives. Why does diagonal lines coming form the circles? is it a bug? Thank for the help.
  10. I am sending the files. there are some extralines when the projection is created coming out from the circle. those lines should not be part of the geometry projection. Is it a bug or how can I prevent this result? basicmodel1.fmz.zip
  11. Yes i helped. How to prevent the geometry that comes out around the circle as a result of the projection? Thanks.
  12. Hello, I am trying to know what's the best way to export a model from FZ v8 to TurboCad Pro V8. I have made a top projection of my model and then a exported it as .dwg When imported in TurboCad I get a mesh geomety. How to clear it up? or what export format can be the best ? Thanks for helping!
  13. john

    Exhibit design

    Great job!. Thanks for the tips!