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  1. Use the SubD tool to Convert to NURBS or Plain Smooth before exporting?
  2. rob

    STEP export in 8.5

    mk, did you send your file to ADS?
  3. I think you need to convert the images to a MOV file first
  4. rob

    saving resource models with their textures

    If they are properly linked, Save A COPY As and check Image Files. Verify they are properly linked via File: Project Info: Linked Files.
  5. I think that's what they meant to say here...
  6. Did you try Triangulate All? Or why not use OBJ, that's what our office prefers...
  7. Yes, Hidden Line with Options from the Frame Parameters... Or you can use an image.
  8. Perhaps just map an animated image onto the surface of the water and give it a subtle (static) bump map?
  9. rob

    Export FormZ to SketchUp

    We rarely export to SKP, but when we do, we use OBJ. Does that work better for you?
  10. animated deform? Search the "formZ penguin animation" on Youtube...
  11. Use the Plan option with the appropriate height, no?
  12. 8502 fixed a number of things, but working fine for us. Would not upgrade to 10.11 with an older version though...
  13. So just ROTATE the map so it faces the way you want, NO?
  14. rob

    V 7 newbie snap help

    Crazy numbers could appear if your cursor is not able to map on the active plane (ie, if you have the XY plane, and your eye is above it and looking up). Just use reasonable view parameters and / or the right plane and it should work properly...
  15. Just rotate it? And Flat Map would probably be just as good...