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dimension text and hidden line


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I use hidden line renderings to create quick floorplans and elevations with dimensions and annotations. I save the generated image and attach it to my pdf. Sadly the text and dimensions look like a 4 year old wrote them, not crisp and professional at all. Text and dimensions look fine when they are in wire frame but when hidden line image is generated all the text and dims become blurred.


Please let me know what settings make the hidden line text and dimension text crispier.




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Hidden Line is putting an outline around the text.

I converted 61" to facetted object and put a 1 interior edge in hidden line. The bigger the interior edges the text is being stroked.

Do not know if there is a work around. I tried a white color edge but that did not work.

Maybe tech has a solution.

Guess you can put dimensions on own layer and combine in photoshop by letting dimensions be on a darken layer. 


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Hi Kimmo,


That's strange -- our answer is not showing here for some reason -- sorry about that.  I am not sure why this is showing jaggy, but we have reproduced it and will get it corrected.  


If you Fit before Export, then it will be better, but not perfect.


If you use the Export Image DWG command, Import that file, and then Export to a bitmap image, you  should get nice crisp results.


Does that help?


EDIT -- or you can use Layout as EnvDesign suggests.

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