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  1. Use a decal for the transparency- you may need to use 2 decals of transparency one for each size.
  2. DennisA

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    You should attach .fmz file to your post.
  3. DennisA

    Big Sur

    You need to use 9.1 pre leased on BigSur. May have some bugs but usable.
  4. I reported this & sent screen captures to Tech Support... Fmz development team is working on it.
  5. Is anyone using Beta 9.1 with Apple Big Sur? How is it working... Been using 9.1Beta with Catalina... Developers got some bugs I found out of 9.1 & considering upgrading OS from Catalina to Big Sur.
  6. DennisA

    New v9 user questions

    You can try if going from 6.5 to 8.6 then to 9 & see if that helps?
  7. Need some advice on how to set up a V-Ray/FormZ v9 Workspace. Tried a number of ways but Interactive window keeps resizing & changing positions. Even tried to set up using sidecar on iPad, but interactive window constantly jumps back to main monitor (Apple Pro Display XDR). Wouldn't even mind setting up a 4 panel Multi Window with V-Ray Interactive window fixed in upper rt corner.
  8. 3:29 Intel Xeon W. 2.5 GHz 28-Core Mac Pro 2019. OS 10.15.2
  9. DennisA

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    I can sell you this... I also have licenses for the latest version you want them also . I can speak to AutoDeSys about transfer... I am on a Mac & think licenses are for both? I also have all the manuals & installer disks.
  10. Did you send this into tech support. The only solution I came up with is to use Metal Accurate or Generic as Reflection with Simple Transparency. Made all lights Hard in case you wanted to cast shadows.Not a great solution but may work for you.
  11. javascript:void('Bold')Post your fmz file that is not working?
  12. Tried to get existing project into mobile viewer using both iCloud & iTunes (see screen captures "For Formz"). Both did not show up as a choice in app. I uploaded a folder containing fmz project & textures... user components were in project (they were embedded). Did I do something wrong? I also noticed on iCloud drive file extension was not shown. Are there any size restrictions?
  13. DennisA

    Error writing JPEG file "logo.jpg" ?

    Do not know error code but if you are on a Mac generally if the Folder or file do not have permissions to write may be problem. Get info on jpg file or folder unlock then give permissions.,
  14. DennisA

    macOS Mojave

    Started an install in Mojave in my 2010 Mac Pro & discovered I need to replace my ATI Radeon HD5870 Video card with one that does metal on Apples suggested list (many have been discontinued & hard to find). Any members have any suggestions on card replacements? Considering Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580,
  15. DennisA

    Component problems

    Jeff +1... I assume you are using user component libraries... I only use these & do all my editing out of the project in the User Component Folder. Yes links are lost to embedded components (they are suppose to be same link to user components... they are not). Need to even replace same named embedded component with external user component... most of the time you can not select the component in user folder until it is replaced in embedded... spoke to tech support for years about this... but am living with the component disconnect.
  16. DennisA

    menu palettes inactive

    Typo fmz to defaults
  17. DennisA

    menu palettes inactive

    1st in preferences set fez to defaults. If that does not work, Close fmz Go into user library, in preferences put com.formZ.formZ.plist in desktop. If that doesn't work you can also try putting autodessys folder on desktop.
  18. DennisA

    interior design by Form z

    Really nice renderings
  19. DennisA

    renaming components, better not!

    VERY SIMPLE. Components are an individual fmz file. I keep them in a folder always naming folder "project name" components in project file In folder I keep needed texture maps. This is much like the old symbols except symbols packaged individual fmz files. Main complaint I always had is that in Symbols you were able to edit material attributes for all globally. Components you cannot. I always have edited component files outside of project because user & embedded components links are never consistent... if you updated one the other should be updated... I find they are not the same. Reported this many times & wish fmz developers would fix this.
  20. DennisA

    renaming components, better not!

    That is why I ONLY make user components. Names can be changed in user component folder. You would have to replace the embedded components with the user component. I have never trusted embedded components since symbols were changed in 6.5 & not sure why they were not the programmed same in newer fmz versions.
  21. DennisA

    Recovering old formZ models

    First try to save to fmz 6.5
  22. DennisA

    Components issues

    I have had continual issues (has been reported to support) where the User Components have lost their links to the embedded components. If you want to keep using user components the embedded components have to be replaced with the user component.
  23. DennisA

    trouble selecting faces

    allan... did you try to do what you want to the he faces using the decal tool?
  24. DennisA

    Component NOT update

    dubir there have been many times that a user component (external) needed to replace the embedded does not sync with the embedded versions. I have found that I needed to replace the embedded components that are active in project with user components to reestablish links... it is a disconnect that has been going on for years.
  25. DennisA

    In memory of Paul Helm

    I will truly miss Paul, I consider him one of the fmz tech masters on the team... thought the years coming thru with many fmz solutions & workarounds. The very best regards & condolences to his family & friends.