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  1. Please add Emitter Lights into your next update.
  2. kimmo

    Best way to create a backlit logo

    I wish that FormZ Renderzone would have emitter lights. Maxwell's emitters can be used in any glowing surface needs. Renderzone's area lights do not work great if logo is complex and curved. Material's properties reflection glow option just makes the object/surface brighter and do not emit light to close by surfaces. I use illustrator to make 2 vector logos; one larger which is placed behind the main logo and then apply glow and various types of lights depending on the logo used. Emitter light option would solve this rendering challenge. Kimmo
  3. Hi Tech, Yes, followed the installation recommendations. I am going to ask my IT friends to take a look at the computer and see what's going on. Thanks, Kimmo
  4. I have/had pretty much the same set up, Macpro 5.1 and Nvidia GTX 980 card. I have made sure that my Nvidia drivers are up to date and correct drivers installed. But, I had to pull out the Nvidia card and put the old one back due to FormZ crashing. If I recall, the crash happened when I tried to save the file and switch to shaded mode. All other programs, such as photoshop and Illustrator seemed to work ok. My original card is factory installed so I am not sure if I can uninstall the card files to make sure that there is no conflict. I clean installed newest FormZ, but that did not make any difference. I forgot to try FormZ7 if that would have worked ok. Have there been any other crash reports with these similar issues? Crash report was emailed to Tech support after the crash. Kimmo
  5. Hi Tech, I downloaded FBX plugin in my laptop and seems to work without crashing. I will email the crash file when back to my desktop. Thanks
  6. Hi Tech, I tried to get this going but it is crashing Formz when exporting FBX file. Steps: * moved OSX fbx folder in plugins folder * I will see the FBX format in export pallette * exported simple file with preset options * FormZ crashes what I am doing wrong?
  7. kimmo

    Copying views to another project

    Perfect! Thanks for the quick responses.
  8. Hi, Is there a way to copy views from one project to another? I recall this was doable in 6.5. Thanks in advance. Kimmo
  9. Hi, Thanks for responding. I will post an example of each scenario when they happen. Issue 1. I understand the texture map scale transform option and I use it quite often. I did not explain it correctly, please see attached shaded view image. In order that chost part to disappear I need to drag a texture map to the actual part of the tube. Does this happen to anyone else? Issue 4. This happens very often, see attached image. Tablet is on shelf and the texture map tool is on floor. Tabled was copied from other FormZ 8.5 file. I understand that the texture map gizmo is easy to move closer to object but dealing with it often add more steps. Are there any other options that I need to aware in order to avoid this texture map gizmo/object separation? Thanks, Kimmo texture map issue.tiff shaded view.tiff
  10. Hi, Not sure if these have been posted already somewhere and if anyone else has these problems. Issue 1: When scaling an object there is a chost image in both shaded and full shaded view- see attached. This is really an issue when scaling an object that has a material map assigned to it. My fix is to re-drag the material map to that object and then object scales to real size. When there are multiple objects scaled, all objects need to be re mapped one by one in order to get all object in real size. Issue2; When moving points to re scale an object the chost image appears and then the above steps needs to be taken in order to get the objects in real size. Issue3; when points have been moved in object the transform tool do not center anymore. So, when transform tool is used again in that object it is located not in center or in the end, it is located some where along the object thus making scaling diffucult. Issue4; why tecture mapping tool Gizmo sometimes is not located on object? Is it because the object has been scaled? This is really annoying since it can be far away form object and needs to moved to object in order to see the texture mapping gizmo correcty related to object. Thanks, Kimmo render.tiff full shaded view.tiff wire frame.tiff shaded view.tiff
  11. kimmo

    Grid disappears when I zoom in

    Related to Zoom In issue. When I want to snap 2 boxes together in top view in wire frame mode the moved box disappear when Zooming In closer to align the corners. It will be visible after it has been moved. Does anyone else have this issue? I am using MAC mouse and 8.5 formZ. Kimmo
  12. Is there a way to upload multiple materials (photos/graphics) at once into material library? Currently you need to them one at the time. May this could be added feature one day.
  13. kimmo

    Online SaaS based Rendering

    This would be great addition to FormZ. Would not have to wait for Maxwell to do its magic for hours. Thanks for sharing.
  14. kimmo

    dimension text and hidden line

    FormZ Tech support, Could you help me out here? Thanks,
  15. kimmo

    dimension text and hidden line

    see attached fmz. file hidden line issues.fmz.zip