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Optimizing Shaded Full mode: Bumps, reflections...


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Hello Z,


shaded full is really great, is there a way to get reflections to show too?

Is this set under shaded options for a material (but RZ Material options seem to also affect shaded full mode ?)

The Bump on the floor here works well but the sphere and box don`t reflect, no matter what - or is this an OpenGL limitation ?

How / can this be optimized ?



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Hi R2,


Yes, the Shaded Full features have a lot of capability (even Ambient Occlusion) but you will need to render with RenderZone (or Maxwell) to get reflections.  


The Shaded Parameters are what the OpenGL can achieve, but if you use RenderZone parameters, these will be automatically translated to the closest Shaded material type...

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Hi Paul,


Yes, this is something that we are working on and there will be improvements in the future.  For now, use the largest Shadow Map size that your video card supports (if everything becomes shadow, you have maxed out your card's memory), turn off shadow casting for objects that are out in space and / or for the ground plane, and use the Soft Shadow options to smooth out the edges...

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I should probably add this is the reason I haven't upgraded yet.  I do so much Shaded Full exporting that shadow quality is critical.  And you have seen from my previous posts that I have messed around with the settings extensively to try to make it work.  


Hard to go from this:




to this:




That is Shadow Map = Very Large, with a slight soft shadow.

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It is a v7 file opened in FormZ Free.  I will upload to support.


When I copy some of the v7 objects to a new file created in FormZ Free the performance is much better...though still room for improvement as I outlined in a much earlier report.





File is called ASONE-shadows

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