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Isolate, isolate, reveal back one stage, not reveal ALL

Alan Cooper

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Isolate is very useful indeed, also to isolate a selection from what was already isolated which is really great; but what I don't like is that reveal reveals everything. There seems to be no easy way back to reveal just the original isolated objects. I suppose selection sets could be used, [but more time consuming to make and delete the selection set].


An easy reveal back one stage command [by keyboard shortcut] would be lovely. I think we could get a lot of votes for this request.

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Hi Gentlemen,


Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider this for the future.


Hi ZTek,


You can easily make key shortcuts for any tool by right clicking: key shortcuts, or for any Menu item by selecting it with the Ctrl Alt (Win) or Command Option (Mac) keys -- and Isolate and Reveal are available from the Edit Menu -- and already have default shortcuts...


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