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Error sound when deleting object


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Same situation. Beep/alert sound when deleting.

Beep when deselecting preference should have no effect as the action is not deselecting, it's deleting. I experience this behavior across different files. Bug for sure. Highly annoying. If someone has a workaround or fix, please do share. 

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10 hours ago, Des said:

Yes, I think it's a bug and has been around for a long time. It's highly annoying when deleting items one by one, maybe just multiple select and delete once.

Or turn the volume down.

No intent here to pick on the above comment or the 'subtle system alert' comment (both band-aid solutions). While this particular bug is somewhat of an annoyance vs serious performance issue (such as the unreliable interface, palettes, etc.) the 'bug around for a long time' issue continues to plague FormZ in multiple areas of the software. Seems indicative of a larger quality problem at Autodessys. 

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