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Problem with Handling of imported DWG/SKP files


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Dear FormZ Team,

we are having big trouble when importing SKP or DWG files. When imported, the handling of the file becomes almost impossible, FormZ gets stuck with the "waiting Wheel" on, simply by moving the curser over the model, let alone if you want to do any action. They are very simple files, with low polygon count. What can I do? It is a workflow we use normally, importing SKP and DWG files and then do model workshops in FormZ. 

I am running Formz on an M+ Mac. Please find the FormZ file attached, with the imported DWG file imported in it. 

Best regards and thanks for your help in advance!


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I tried some former tree library files that I used since long time, they were originally also imported from SKP. And it is the same problem. 

These issues formerly never existed. I'll send you this file per download link here as well so you can check. This one is heavier and more polygons, but it never made any trouble of such when i was using this tree model. Whenever you cross the model with the cursor it gets stuck, like it would be calculating something.. Please Help!


further computer details: 

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021); Apple M1 Max; MacOS monterrey

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I opened and could work in both files without any problem in formZ 9.2.2 on an old MacBook Pro 13" from  2012. So I coincide with VVA that the problem is related to the compatibility of the current version with Mx processors.

However, for the second LINDE_try.fmz file with the tree, you can handle it better if you turn off Edges Of Solids/Surfaces and Shadows in Shaded Full mode and even better in Work Shaded.

The other untitled.dwg.fmz file, imported from a DWG file, doesn't work with any option. This file contains only lines, which complicates everything even more because, independently of the current incompatibility with Mx, by nature, formZ is optimized for work with complex 3D entities. As a solid and surface modeler, formZ performs better with the tree file despite having 199,550 points and 4,054 objects, vs. the DWG file, which has only 30,240 points but 15,120 objects.

Just a simple observation because I'm sure there's much more behind the scene with the migration to Mx and Metal. Tech can correct me if I'm wrong.

In addition to formZ, I use BricsCAD to draw my plans, which is also ACIS-based. In it, I was able to open and work on the DWG file after exporting it from formZ without any problems. Of course, being a CAD app, BricsCAD is very well-optimized to deal with large 2D files.

Here is a link to another discussion that relates to this.


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Hi All, thanks a lot for your replies, and sorry for the late response. 

It must definitely be related to the M1 in the Macs. I never experienced anything similar in the previous macs running on Intel.

It is not even clear what exactly happens and why and how. Some imported files run normally, some are impossible to handle. Like any cursor move results in endless waiting times, no matter what you try to do. Some files work better when I export to OBJ from Formz, and then re-import. But that's just the case in some of the files. 

If FomrZ (PLEASE) could inform on a work around through how to import or how to export files, what are the settings, if those settings would make any difference. Because I can't figure out why some files work, some don't. 

This problem results in a second question: does anyone know a good set of trees/Nature elements that work well with formZ on M1-Macs?

Many thanks in advance. 

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