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3DCoat crashes every time when importing OBJ.


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Mac OS: 12.1, FormZ: 9.2.1, 3DCoat: 2021.70

Every OBJ file I import from FromZ crashes 3DCoat.  I'm able to import Lightwave, and FBX fairly well, from I can tell at this time.  It has to be something on the FormZ end.  I'm not seeing much on the matter in 3DCoat's forum.  So I believe everyone else in the world has successful OBJ imports

 I've searched the formZ forum, and haven't really come across much.  3DCoat appears to be cool, and will be more so in time, once I really figure it out.

Has anyone experienced similar crashes?

Thank You



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Well I have figured how to successfully open obj files in 3DCoat 2022 from formZ 9.2 on a Mac.  This was accomplished using the scientific method of flipping switches and turning knobs.

In the export dialog window for obj, the user has the option to choose which operating system the export file is intended for.  Instead of using the default which is Mac, I selected Windows. 3dCoat had no problem opening the file. Choosing UNIX also worked without any problem.

Fbx was able to export from formZ to 3dCoat, but also would change scale, and change the axis. What a hassle.

Not sure if the problem lays with formZ or 3dCoat.  I really don't care at this point.  

By the way, 3dCoat seems really interesting so far.  The texturing capabilities are a blast to use.

Hope this helps anyone who's interesting using 3dCoat, which is nice software to own in conjunction with formZ.

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