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Tool Manager and Tool Palette oddities

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I have struggled with getting tool palettes the way that works for my workflow, for, well forever.

Here are my questions:

1 What causes the multiple icons and how does one rid the palette of them? I've pushed every button I can find and no joy.

2 Is it possible to re-order tools in an existing tool palette. The only way I've found is to delete the entire palette and start over.

3 How can I delete tools from a palette without deleting the whole palette and starting over?

4How can I re-order the palettes in the toolbar? (without deleting the palette(s) and starting over? 



Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 12.28.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 12.28.06 PM.png

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Hi Charles, I agree. The palettes seem to have a mind of their own sometimes.

I've never seen that happening though, totally crazy.

I would suggest emailing ADS (support) directly with your computer & software details.

ADS don't seem to be active on this forum the way they were in the past but their email support is good.

Let us know how you get on..



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The materials parameters palette does not work in the sidebar.  Only open it as a separate pop up window while using and then close it to avoid this issue.



 I agree the tool manager is a bit wonky. You can customize a default install by carefully saving your customizations step by step. (Workspace settings) Otherwise if you get a mistake, it will need to be reset and you must start over. Difficult but not impossible.


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