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  1. Pobo

    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    Sorry, double post.
  2. Pobo

    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    I think I had 6.73 on a white MacBook running Snow Leopard.
  3. Many thanks for putting this together, R2D2. It looks really good in VectorWorks ... but I cannot get it to work in Illustrator. I've tried Export/DWG, Export Image/DWG, Export Image/Illustrator, Export Image/EPS. Nothing works. I varied with some settings in the export dialog box. No joy. I'm giving up for now, I've asked Support for help.
  4. Ah sorry, John, I completely misunderstood your earlier comment about Hidden Line. Thanks for the clarification, R2D2, nice summary. But still I have problems: I'm in Layout and the base of my pyramid in front view correctly measures 20mm I export EPS, import into Illustrator Now the base of the pyramid measures 66mm What am I missing here? Regards, Tom
  5. Thanks for your reaction, John. Unfortunately Export Image does not include vector formats. You would think that EPS results in a vector format but actually it doesn't.
  6. I'm struggling again with exporting vector graphics from FormZ. I had this down, but something seems to have changed. See screenshots; I have a pyramid. I switch to front view. I export to DWG. After importing to Illustrator, I get a .... top view!? It wasn't always this way, was it? Do I really have to use Layout to get any other view than a top view? I find going to Layout very cumbersome. Would love to hear how you guys export to Illustrator. // Tom
  7. Pobo

    [Q] Scenes palette weirdness

    Thanks for the suggestion, Des. Unfortunately it does not make a difference. I just learnt from Support that switching off Animate Transitions in the scenes palette prevents the hiccups. See movie. ScenesPaletteDjajadiningrat480p.mov
  8. Pobo

    Measure Distance Curve

    Ah, I understand it: the Length measurement does not take into account whether it deals with a positive or a negative arc direction. 4.1720m is simply three quarters of a full circle, not one quarter. Tricky.
  9. Pobo

    Measure Distance Curve

    Hmmm... there's something weird about Length in the Inspector palette. See screenshot: if I draw a quarter circle with radius = 1m then the Measure Quantities tool correctly says that Length = 1.5710m. But the Length in the Info palette says 4.7120m. Where does that come from!?
  10. Pobo

    [Q] Scenes palette weirdness

    It does look like a driver problem, doesn't it? On Mac standard configurations, the video drivers get updated with the OS, so everything should be up to date. And FormZ is the only program where I have this. I'll ask support. // Tom
  11. Owwww... brilliant Des, thank you so much, this is new to me. Does it then take the middle of the bounding box of the selected object?
  12. Does anyone else experience weirdness when using the Scenes palette? When I switch Scenes, my main window view goes funny, with the scene only taking up the bottom left quadrant. Also, the Objects palette does not reflect the changes in the scenes. MacOS 11.2.3, FormZ 9.1.0. Scenes720p.mov
  13. Pobo

    Tool Manager and Tool Palette oddities

    How about this one for Palette madness? On my totally standard MacBook Pro, I can force this by simply folding and unfolding the Materials Parameter palette.
  14. OK, that was a silly question, I can of course check myself 🙄 The Centre of Interest is indeed at the base of the arrowhead, not at the tip. // Tom
  15. Allan, Des, Many thanks for your workflows! I actually started using the ECoV only recently. I used to do something similar to Allan (though I did not know about the ‘look straight ahead’ function, thank you for that one, Allan). The problem I ran into was that I couldn’t find a good way to control the centre of interest. As a consequence, my Maxwell renderings were out of focus. That’s why I switched to using the ECoV approach: accurate control over CoI. @Des Talking about CoI, do you know whether it is the tip of arrow of the line of sight or the base of the arrow that defines the CoI? I expected it to be the tip but from the results I suspect it’s actually the base. // Tom