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Simple Snapping Question


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There are a few ways to do this.

1) Go to TOP view and with centre snap on move it to it's new position. It will only move in the XY plane because you are in TOP view.

2) With 3D Delta selected in the coordinates, snap to the centre (top or bottom) of the object, move to it's new position and tab to the Z in coordinates and hit 0. It'll move without moving in the Z axis.

3) Start moving the object (snapping to wherever on the object), hold shift to snap it to a temporary guide along whichever axis (say the X axis). You may need to move it again in the Y axis the same way.

You can also draw guides and points which you can snap to as well but switching views is also very handy depending on the object. And using the "Perpendicular To Reference Plane" toggle (command) while in the move tool is also good. I tend to leave open the "Snap Options" palette where I mostly have snap to ghosted & stick to edges selected.

These come to mind for me but I'm sure others will chime in with alternative methods.



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Two, what version of fZ are you using?  I created a script do do this for v9.x.   the script still needs some work, as it is dependent on some changes to the SDK.  But, it is functional.  Sorry, only works on 9.x

The script allows for a lot more positions than just center.  Minimums, Maximums Middle and Center of Gravity of each of the objects considered.

All of which should yield (if my logic/math is correct)  144 possible positions.



The tricky bit, is it currently cannot use pick order but has to use object creation order.    So, you have to Cut and paste the object you want to be displaced  (this action puts it as being created last in the objects List)

When the SDK allows for pick order, I will update the script.



Hope this helps!


Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 11.01.57 AM.png

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