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  1. TwoSheaStl

    Measure Distance Curve

    Is it possible to use the "Measure Distance" tool on a curve? I want the actual length of the curve, not point to point distance. Thanks!
  2. TwoSheaStl

    Simple Snapping Question

    Is it possible to snap an object (object one) to the center of another object (object two), yet keep/lock object one on the ground?
  3. TwoSheaStl

    Learning Form Z 9

    So I'm one of those people still using FZ 6.7.3. I just downloaded the newest FZ Pro trial and it's completely different and I'm lost. What is the best way to learn the new FZ? Has anyone used the "form·Z Fundamentals Video Training Course by Evan Troxel"? Did it work for you? Thank you!
  4. So does FZ 6.7.3 still work on the newest Mac operating system?
  5. Is there a way to keep the x, y, and z constant for ALL objects in relation to the "world" axis. If I draw a square (for example) and then flip the object, the X, Y, and Z are maintained within the square. Is there a way to have it reset so that the bottom, top, and sides of the square are the same as the "world" axis? Thanks! Shea
  6. TwoSheaStl

    Non Uniform Scaling / World Axis

    In FZ 6, when it came to editing shapes numerically, the Z axes was always the third input line. Now one has to look back and forth between their shape to determine which input to edit. Also, when opening past projects I worked on in 6, my axes's are all over the place within shapes. I have to reset the axis on almost every shape… It would be nice to have an option to where the axes's were always in the same place no matter how you rotated the object.
  7. TwoSheaStl

    Missing File List

    In FZ8, when I need to relink old files manually upon opening an existing project, it will only let me relink the first file. After that, as I try to click on the lower "Not Found" links, nothing happens. It's like it's locked and won't let me click on them to link them. Is this a bug? Thanks, Shea
  8. TwoSheaStl

    Rotate View Angle

    In FZ 8, is there a way to speed up or up the tolerance on the Rotate View Angle? Thanks!
  9. TwoSheaStl

    Rotate View Angle

    "Set View" where you click and drag to rotate your model…
  10. TwoSheaStl

    Drawing Tollerence

    When drawing a square (no snaps turned on), I want to begin my shape very close into a corner and drag down into another corner. The drawing tolerance only lets me get so close to the corners (almost like there is still some type of snap turned on). Is there a way to get this more precise? So I can start and end my shapes in very precise locations (zoomed in) with no snap turned on? Thanks!
  11. TwoSheaStl

    Drawing Tollerence

    It's just a matter of preference for me. I hardly snap anything; I just like to zoom really close and eyeball my shapes. What do I change within working units options?
  12. TwoSheaStl

    Delete Segment

    I'm just now transitioning over to FZ8 from FZ6… So, I created a shape, mirrored it over, and then used union to merge the two shapes… I'm left over with an unwanted segment where they merged. Is there a way to clean up shapes or to delete unwanted segments? Thanks! Shea
  13. TwoSheaStl

    Non Uniform Scaling / World Axis

    Where is the edit axis tool?
  14. TwoSheaStl

    Non Uniform Scaling / World Axis

    Say I draw a square that's 2ft x 2ft x 2ft… There is a designated X, Y, and Z under NON-UNIFORM SCALING. If I turned that square on it's side to the left, the Z would now be on the side. So if I went in to make the square 3ft tall using the Z axis, it would grow from the side and not the bottom. I want the X, Y, and Z to match the world axis at all times, no matter how I flip the object… Does that make sense? Thanks! Shea