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Form Z version 9.1.0 (Build A396)


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I am blown away with this latest update on FZ 9. I am finding it a lot smoother and faster than the previous version.  Usually small updates don't make a difference but this recent update certainly has.  IMHOP.

I just love it when an upgrade makes my computer feel new again.  Thanks to everyone at Autodesys for working so hard on improving FZ for us all.

I am currently running FZ on Catalina 10.15.7, on a MBP 16 inch.

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13 hours ago, snow said:

I'd like to see a list of fixes/changes.  I'm still running 8.6 because a number of bugs that I run into aren't fixed in 9.0.X. *sigh*

Yes exactly, I absolutely agree!

For years I have been struck by the fact that the update processes at Form.Z are so unclear. Most of the time I only find out about an update by chance and moreover it is not clear to me which version and build# exactly is ready for download.

I would also like to have a list of which bugs have been fixed and which bugs have not yet been fixed but are in the pipeline. This is also the way it is with other programmes...

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