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  1. You fixed the dialog box text issues on the Mac! Thank you.
  2. rickdm

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I am another 25+ year user. Had Chris Yessios as a Professor in school (way before from.z), and started on the first Windows version in 94 (?). Yes, there are things that could be done to improve this program, but the first thing you need to do is let people know you are NOT DEAD! Last time you came to the AIA convention (2015 maybe?) I talked to several folks who were surprised you were still around. But you stopped coming. Get out there. Post articles and case studies on your web site and link it to Facebook and linkedin. Get your users to send you cool images and post them several times a week on Instagram. I know money must be tight, but you are going to have to spend some money on marketing staff to get you out there. Don't die a slow death, take a risk, get out there while you still can. I am getting close to retiring, you've got to get some new folks in here! rickdm
  3. rickdm

    Instability with components.

    I am using 8.5.7 on a Mac Book Pro. I will send you the file. You should have the crash report from the last crash though it does not cover the disappearing component.
  4. I am struggling with using components on my project. I keep getting crashes when I try to edit or duplicate them. The latest is that when editing one component, it deleted another unrelated component. It has been years since I have trusted components, and now that I have come back again I realize it has not improved. This is too powerful a tool for architectural modeling to have to avoid. I never had this problem with the pre-bonsai form.z. Rick
  5. Chris, when I had you as a design critic in 1976 I had no idea how much you would impact my career, and how much money I would eventually send you ;-) When I started using form.z in 1994, our architecture firm had 20 people, we are now over 160 architects in six offices. I have to give form.z credit for much of that success. With all the available tools today it can be hard to look back to the early 90's and remember just how groundbreaking a product form.z was. There was nothing like it. You have always had strong opinions and a focus on what form.z should be. I have disagreed with you at times, but clearly that focus is what has kept form.z such a great product. I hope you enjoy a well deserved rest knowing the impact you have had not just on the industry, but on so many individuals who have grown up with your software. Thank you. Best wishes, Rick del Monte Beck
  6. Guys really? After 20 years of participating in this forum you need to call me out with giant type to point out my stupidity? I will follow up by e-mail from now on.
  7. My plug-in is not appearing. I opened it in the ffmt folder, and it created a separate folder in there called SKP, but when I go to import an SKP file I do not get that option. I am on 8.0.1. Did I miss a step? rickdm