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    Have you tried Reseting your workspace? If you have customized your workspace make you have saved a copy of it before resetting.
  2. I older versions of FZ, I kept the Tool Options Palette window visible as I like to keep my eye on the options palette. The new Palette window does not allow me to keep the tool options window visible at all times. If you remove it from the palette window structure it hides the palette window below and if you place it on the side it takes up valuable window space. My work around is to place all the palettes except the layer palette on a 2nd monitor. Not a great solution, I am wondering if anyone has created more efficient layout with the palettes.
  3. kim

    Palette Window Workaround

    A good solution for a single monitor. Thanks for the image.
  4. kim

    Palette Window Workaround

    Hi Snow, I used Sidecar yesterday for the palettes and it works pretty well. But I make notes on my iPad while working so need to use the old 2nd monitor.
  5. kim

    Palette Window Workaround

    Hi Andrew, Yup, I have resisted the dual monitor use for years but I think it is time to bite the bullet. Thanks.
  6. kim

    Stitch Round

    Whatever happened to the Stitch Round Tool? I searched the manual but cannot find it. Does it have a new name or was it replaced by another tool? The Round between Faces does a similar operation but it does not allow for one to choose the type or size of radius as was possible with the Stitch Round? See attachment Form Z Desktop Companion version 4.0 by Kenth Agurell.pdf
  7. kim

    Stitch Round

    Yes!!! Thanks Johnalexander1571. It appears that at some point FZ combined the Trim/Split tool with the Stitch Round Tool. The good news is that you can use the Stitch round function without having to use the Trim/Split What a great way to start the week
  8. kim

    Stitch Round

    Thanks Andrew for your recommendation. I will look into the lofting process, unfortunately it is a lot more work than selecting options in the old Stitch Round Tool.
  9. kim

    Stitch Round

    Hi Snow, Thanks, yes the controlled rounding tool works for straight forward filleting (welding). Maybe I am using it incorrectly? I have an oval object intersecting an plane at an angle and cannot find a tool to fillet (weld) the two together. The first example is using the round face tool but the only variable is a single radius. So odd shapes are created. Stitch Round. fmz.fmz
  10. I am blown away with this latest update on FZ 9. I am finding it a lot smoother and faster than the previous version. Usually small updates don't make a difference but this recent update certainly has. IMHOP. I just love it when an upgrade makes my computer feel new again. Thanks to everyone at Autodesys for working so hard on improving FZ for us all. I am currently running FZ on Catalina 10.15.7, on a MBP 16 inch.
  11. Hi ZTEK, I really enjoyed your post. It made me smile as I thought I was the only person who does this kind of detailed analysis to find the best product to create a specific workflow. In my case, I reviewed Rhino and BricsCAD. I am interested in creating a workflow to go from modeling to CNC. At the end of a very long process, I concluded that Form Z is still the best product out there for my kind of work. All it needs is for Layout and Draft to be improved so that they are reliable for professional use.
  12. If I remember correctly going back to version 3.4, there used to be a tool which permitted you to look up the number of hours a modeling file had been open. This made record keeping pretty simple. I have searched FZ 9 and looked at the information management tool, but it does not have any time stamps. Is it possible to look up the hours or not? Thanks
  13. Thanks Des. I wish I had kept my old FZ manuals. They went into such detail - why did I throw them out??? I still have Kenth Agurell's desktop companions which are works of art. I found a workaround for trying to capture the time a project took. Every time I work on a project I make a new version. So, was able to see the time by reading the create and modified times on the meta data of the files.
  14. Running FZ on a MBP 16" With i9 Core, 64 GB Ram and AMD Radeon Pro 5500 *GB Graphic Card. This latest build has slowed down in the modeling function. Currently just running it in Shaded Work, have not tried to do any rendering. I feel that what is slowing the machine down are the Snap options and the Clipping Planes. It slows down to the point that I get the spinning ball while it looks for the snap zones. The following also occurs: If I try to rotate an object the system hangs while FZ tries to find the Pont in the object to snap to. If I select the intersecting snap tool, well then it stops finding the end or. mid snap points, it is if snap is deselected. My work around has been to try and avoid using the clipping Planes (which I rely on heavily) and then to deselect all the snapping points and only to select them one at time, slowly building up my collection of snap points that I usually run with. I have sent a few Force Quit files to ADS.
  15. Thanks Tech for letting us know that we should stay with Catalina for awhile. Good luck with sorting out the issues with Big Sur.
  16. Logi Options does not permit one to customize the left and right buttons of the mouse. In Form Z I assigned the Secondry Mouse button to Set View. The problem with this is that you click on the right button and it activates set view but you still need the left button to spin the view. It would be really cool if the right button could not only select Set View but when held down actually spin the view. What am I missing here?
  17. kim

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    The problem with Macs is that they just keep going, makes it hard to buy a new one. As this discussion has gone Mac and Quick keys, I thought I would grab the opportunity to see if anyone can solve a Catalina Problem am having. Since I upgraded to Catalina the escape key, which is used for Cancel, is also used by Catalina to Exit Full Screen. I cannot remember how to change the OS Quick Keys - is this still possible and if so, how?
  18. Just worked out a workaround. Lock the layer objects on that are being dimensioned.
  19. I am trying to dimension a simple 3D model but find that the dimension tool selects and dimensions them automatically. I am trying to start the dimension at the end point of the segment but not dimension the segment. I must have a setting chosen which is doing this. Cannot figure out how to stop it. Anyone have a rough idea? Thanks
  20. kim

    fZ + Python + CO2

    Hope it works out for you. I have heard good things about the Chinese lasers. And please keep posting your review of the laser. Glad to hear that Lightburn runs on Mac, I am getting tired of running VM ware :-).
  21. kim

    fZ + Python + CO2

    An exciting combination. A 100W laser is pretty powerful and can do a lot more than just engraving. Cannot wait to see your creations. The photo looks like a Preenex ?. Enjoy!
  22. Have gone back to using multi view windows and had a quick reminder why I stopped using this feature. When the cursor moves over the window it automatically selects the window. This is a cool feature but if you want to work in one of the lower windows and decide to change the view or change the display from wire to shaded this is a tough task, as the cursor moves over the upper displays they get selected and thus changed but not the lower window. I was wondering if anyone has a work around for this problem? Or if changing windows could be a key stroke that froze a selection? Thanks
  23. FZ on MBP graphic card AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB and Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB on LG 4K Monitor - using scaled - running Catalina 10.15.5 Went in to Tool Manager to edit my heads up display. Just wanted to add a tool but the tool manager was not displaying the set up correctly. I changed the scale of the set up and the tool manager lost all the tools I had in the heads up display. I think it reverted to FZ standard??? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks