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    fZ vs a Real build.

    👍 Impressive work! Good luck with the rest of the project. Looking forward to seeing a video of it in action. Thanks for sharing - very inspiring to see your images.
  2. Hi Sjj, Wow! if there is one tool that keeps me happy with FZ it is the boolean tool. It sure is robust. But I have had your problem. This occurred when I imported a model generated in Rhino. I examined the objects that could were not Boolean friendly and realized that they were not well formed and that FZ was not able to complete the geometry. I ended up using the Slice tool on these objects and then with a bit of patch work, made things work for me. Hope you sorted out your problem and do not need this advice :-).
  3. I have never managed to utilize the New FZ9 Palette system. I thought the reason was that I was using a Wacom tablet. So, I bought a logitec mouse. I am still having problems , some examples of issues that drive me nuts. 1) Using the scroll wheel in the Project window. I like to do this as it makes navigating around the project a lot faster. But when you use the scroll function to move the palette windows up and down it sometimes interferes with the project window. Especially around the top of the palette window. 2) I never know where to place the cursor in the palettes so that I can scroll from say lights back up to the material palette via the layers palette. Going over the layers palette in some of my projects is like driving through Kansas (its a long haul). 3) If you want to reorganize inside a palette and wish to drag say one layer from the bottom of the layer palette to the top, the layer window does not scroll but it works from top to bottom. Grouping the Palettes works to a degree but does not eliminate the problem. I tried placing all palettes on a 2nd monitor which was fine for awhile but the workspaces get corrupted and stop working after awhile. I have tried archiving workspaces and reloading but it takes a lot of energy to keep them working. My proposal is that maybe ADS could create some videos showing how they see folks using FZ? But doing demos with really large files that have upwards of 4000 objects, 80 Layers 50 finishes, 20 views etc. I really feel like I cannot get my head around FZ9 in terms of making it work for me. When I started with Blender, I was horrified at its interface but boy does it flow well when you are using it. I thought I would just mention my frustrations, as I am curious as to whether it is just me . . .
  4. kim

    Form Z Palette System

    Thanks all for the helpful tips. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
  5. kim

    Form Z Palette System

    Thanks Hugo for sharing your layout. I think your layout makes a lot of sense. It would be nice if ADS made it so that if one created two rows of palettes, they would lock together (same like in Adobe Photo). But maybe they do and I just dont know how to do it?
  6. Thanks Anwar for taking a look at my files. Interesting that it came across as an older file Mac to Windows. I am working on the most updated version of FZ pro v9.2.0.1 (Build A46A). Looks like I will need to take up this issue with Tech Support on Monday.
  7. Hi Anwar, Thank you for your offer. I have taken a screen shot of the FZ default setting for OBJ and will also attach the FZ file and the Blender File. As you will see in the Blender file, something comes through but you cannot see it. Thanks, Kim FZ to Blender test.fmz FZ to Blender test.blend FZ to Blender test.obj
  8. Hi Anwar, I agree with what you say about FZ and Blender. So far, I have not been successful importing/exporting to or from Blender with OBJ. I have only used STL. If you don't mind sharing, what settings do you use when you export from FZ using OBJ? Thanks, Kim
  9. Hi Anwar, Thanks for sharing this information. What caught my eye is that you are using Blender as well as FZ. Because of the organic modeling capability, I have toyed with the idea of using Blender. Whenever I look at it, I feel like I am trying to relearn FZ 2.9. But because of all the add-ons a super sophisticated version of FZ 2.9. I would be curious as too wether you see Blender and FZ as two very different modeling platforms or if you have managed to create a symbiotic relationship between the two. Thanks, Kim
  10. kim

    Mac OS Monterey & FZ 9

    I have been using FZ 9.2 - in modeling mode only - no rendering. All is the same as before. Meaning, no new issues. Except the 'measure Distance' tool leaves dims on the screen. Only way to get rid of them is to close FZ and come back. Deja vu😊
  11. I have been trying to make a simple workaround where I could just click the middle mouse of the button - to select SET VIEW, then keep it held down while I move the view around. The best I have managed to come up with is to click the middle button - it can select SET VIEW and then click the left button to move the view around. What am I missing? Thanks, Kim
  12. thanks allanjl for sharing your shortcuts. I have a shortcut key for select view but since I use the scroll wheel on the mouse for zooming I think it would navigation much faster if I could click the scroll wheel and rotate the object or scene while zooming.
  13. I move vectors from Affinity Designer to FZ by using a 3rd Party application. The app that has worked for me, available from the Apple App Store is "The Vector Converter". I simply export my vector design from Affinity Designer using SVG file format. After opening The Vector Converter I drop the exported SVG file into The Vector Converter and then I select dxf file format for the conversion. The conversion takes place online so you have to be linked to the internet. Once the file is converted it will be downloaded onto your system. Once the converted file is downloaded I import it into my FZ model, Draft or Layout window. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-vector-converter/id973738775
  14. kim

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    This is fantastic news! I cannot wait to have FMZ and PowerCADD running native on the new Apple M1 chip 😊. Thanks to everyone at ADS for making this happen and best of luck with the project.
  15. I loved the concept of Layout and would use it as much as I possibly could because I feel it makes the FZ suite a powerful application. But I was always waiting, in the hope that ADS would get it to work properly. Two weeks ago, I had a serious setback with Layout and have decided to find an alternative. Because a lot of my decision making was done with the help of reading this forum, I thought that I would share the workflow I have created to produce my working drawings. This workflow is new and my notes were roughly made, more as a reminder to myself than as an instruction to others. It would not surprise me if there are errors in the document. Please read and use at your own peril. There is a built in redundancy going through QCAD Pro but I find it useful as QCAD has some good geometric tools. BTW the QCAD forum is really good. I also bought the QCAD intro to CAD book by Andrew Mustun. Even though it is aimed at folks coming from actual drafting to CAD, Andrew explains some of the tools really well. As most of you know, going into Affinity Publisher is unbelievable. What I love most from this app is that you can utilize not only the Publisher tools but also the Designer and Photo tools, all in the same document. If you have comments or criticisms please feel free to post. It is all part and parcel of a continuing learning process. Workflow Notes- FZ to Publisher.pdf
  16. https://vimeo.com/392917870 The video that you found is very basic. I looked for some videos that show the power of generating complex geometry but cannot find them. I pulled out this video, it is a simple process but try it in FZ.
  17. Hugo, I agree with all your points. In terms of the dxf, I only use it -in house- I would never send a DXF to clients or a contractor? I only send pdf's out? But yes the modeler has some really cool tools. For example, the section tool in 3D modeler adds a powerful touch combined with the Scenes palette, which records the view plus layers it is really easy to create a "Detail" section or an elevational view etc. Once created you can move on and come back in a jiffy. The Palette for Layers in itself is incredible, I have yet to come across another modeler/CAD app that allows you to manipulate layers so efficiently. The one area where the tools in FZ are a bit on the slim side are in the 2D geometric side. I am sure you have looked at Rhino. They have a wonderful collection of 2D geometric tools. For other reasons, I do not like Rhino and feel that QCAD has a good enough range of these tools. Expecting one app to cover all ones needs is not realistic. My approach is to dig the best out of apps that can talk to one another. Create a workflow where you can pick and choose what you need. I am impressed with the way (you once showed some images of yours) you have manipulated FZ to work for your needs and this is why I am excited to learn more about your technique. Many thanks!
  18. Hi Hugo, Thanks to you, I use the Modeling at 300dpi and export to Publisher. But when creating detail drawings, I find that the modeler tools are limited when thinking and working in 2D, which is understandable. I cannot wait for you to produce your video 😁 Moving across the different platforms is easy - luckily they all like dxf files - the reason for using the different tools is that I am maximizing the number of tools available to me.
  19. kim

    [Q] Scenes palette weirdness

    Thanks Pobo for sharing the solution.
  20. I have been experimenting with Lidar Scanning and tried various file types to import to FZ. The .stl files work okay but you cannot import texture. The .obj is a good file type for importing texture but I cannot get it to work on FZ. It works fine with Blender. FZ does not appear to be able to handle the textures. I have tried all the different methods for importing but same result. I am wondering if anyone has worked out how to import Lidar Scanned images into FZ? I have experimented with 3 of the Lidar apps: 3D Scan app, Forge and Polycam. Just an FYI, I think 3D Scan app is the best one and has more options. What is interesting is that all 3 Lidar scan apps give me the same result with FZ.
  21. Thanks Des for the directions. I can now import Obj files into FZ. I have attached two files to show the import settings I used and the results. FZ does it again!!! 😊 Just in case anyone is interested, I am posting a link to a site run by Elliot Hartley. IMHOP he has written the best article talking about LIDAR apps for the iPhone 12 Pro. https://www.geoplanit.co.uk/?p=5638
  22. kim


    Have you tried Reseting your workspace? If you have customized your workspace make you have saved a copy of it before resetting.
  23. I older versions of FZ, I kept the Tool Options Palette window visible as I like to keep my eye on the options palette. The new Palette window does not allow me to keep the tool options window visible at all times. If you remove it from the palette window structure it hides the palette window below and if you place it on the side it takes up valuable window space. My work around is to place all the palettes except the layer palette on a 2nd monitor. Not a great solution, I am wondering if anyone has created more efficient layout with the palettes.
  24. kim

    Palette Window Workaround

    A good solution for a single monitor. Thanks for the image.
  25. kim

    Palette Window Workaround

    Hi Snow, I used Sidecar yesterday for the palettes and it works pretty well. But I make notes on my iPad while working so need to use the old 2nd monitor.