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Apple's new M1 chip

David Lemelin

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Has anyone had the opportunity to test out FormZ on one of Apple's new machines? I am nearing the end of life cycle for my old MacBook Pro and the reviews on the M1 machines sound impressive... but naturally all the benchmarks are video compression and video game frame rates. I'm really curious to see how FormZ and Maxwell will behave on this new chipset. I have a custom-built PC workstation with a Threadripper 16 core processor, which renders like a charm... but I despise the Windows environment. So much so, that I do all my modeling on my 2013 MBP and only render out on the PC. Part of me is secretly hoping the M1 or it's cousins, will allow me to stay in the Mac world and still deliver on time.

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According to this, the Cinebench score is "quite impressive"


But I would advise waiting until the next round of machines that feature the M1 (maybe M2??).  Rumor is that there will be a much deserved redesign across the MacBook line which will axe the touchbar and have physical function keys again.  


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15 minutes ago, AsOne said:

I think they will release new MacBook pros this year with even faster M chips.  I would hold off if you can until then.  Does FormZ even run on M1?

based off this post I assume 9.1 is running natively on the M1 chip, not just using Rosetta


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