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  1. Since I render with V-Ray and use the GPU, and that only works on PC, I need to stick with the PC for that purpose. However, are modeling operations any faster on the Mac? Is it better to model on a Mac and render on a PC, or is there no speed difference between the platforms for modeling? Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks, Anwar
  2. With the release of the Surface Pro X we now have an ARM CPU running full Windows 10. However it will not run 64-bit apps unless they are compiled for ARM. Does ADS have any plans to support ARM at any point in the future? Thanks, Anwar
  3. Anwar

    Modeling Speed vs. Rendering Speed

    Hi Chris and everyone, Thanks for your replies. Chris, the three operations in modeling I have found that can be painfully slow on PC's are: 1) Moving large objects with 10s of thousands of faces 2) Using booleans to carve up large terrain models (again, for sites more than a mile across with many thousands of faces) 3) Generating hidden lines of scenes with objects containing 10s of thousands of faces Do any of these perform better on a Mac? Thanks, Anwar
  4. Has anyone successfully gotten an external Nvidia GPU on a Mac to accelerate Vray?
  5. Does anyone know if formZ works well at 4K resolution, where Windows would have to be set to scale to 200%? I've only ever used it at 1080 or 1440 at 100% scaling. Some programs GUI's have scaling problems on high resolution displays and I don't know about formZ. Thanks, Anwar
  6. What would be a better processor for modeling in formZ, an i7-8550U (1.8GHz 4 core/8 thread) or i7-7500U (2.7GHz 2 core/4 thread)? The clock speed on the 8550 goes into turbo mode faster than the 7500 but I don't know that formZ will cause the CPU to go turbo, or sustain that speed in a very long running operation. Thoughts? What matters most for modelling - core count or clock speed?
  7. Hi David, Thanks for the reply. Yes, for rendering I agree the Threadripper is probably the best processor, and I may eventually get one. I'm talking here about the processor for a ultrabook that I use to model, not a primary machine I would use for rendering. Thanks, Anwar
  8. On a touch screen on Windows 10, formZ apparently recognized the pinch to zoom gesture in the modeling window to zoom, but it does not seem to recognize any gestures to pan with the hand tool. Will the next version of formZ better support touchscreens?
  9. Anwar

    8.6 palettes disappeared

    Apparently going to the palettes menu, selecting hide palettes, and then going back and showing palettes brings them back. But I don't know why they disappeared in the first place.
  10. I quit formZ, relaunched it and my palettes have disappeared and I cannot check them to bring them back - what to do?
  11. Anwar

    8.6 palettes disappeared

    Note, I tried running the installer to repair the installation of formZ, and that did not solve the problem. I still can't access the palettes.
  12. Anwar


    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but we really need the ability to search all the list palettes in formZ. This is done in all of the lists in Visual Studio palettes since 2012, and is really needed in formZ too.
  13. Anwar

    Mac vs PC for formZ

    I never thought I'd hear myself say this having been a PC person all my life, but I am now open to the possibility that my next computer might be a Mac. What are the advantages of running formZ on a Mac as opposed to a PC? Does Vray run on a Mac? Can it use a Mac GPU (they do not use NVIDIA like I have on my PC)? For high end workstations (like an 18 core Xeon vs i9) PC's seem to be a lot cheaper. However for the primary computer I interact with I am thinking about switching to a MacBook Pro. What are the pros and cons?
  14. With 2018 fast approaching and hopefully the next version of formZ, there are two questions I have: 1) Will AutoDesSys ever bring back the drafting module from formZ 6 and prior versions? While the new Layout program is interesting it is missing features previously found in drafting (I really miss batch rendering hidden line 2d vector graphics, and paste from modeling...). Or is this a lost cause...? 2) Will formZ 9 have the correct visual styling for Windows 10? The current version startup screen still says Windows 8, and the UI still looks like Windows 7. Also as far as the UI on Windows goes, if using on a Surface, or similar tablet, if the screen orientation is changed, the formZ UI does not change orientation gracefully.
  15. Anwar

    Mac vs PC for formZ

    Actually there is one major reason I can see for going Mac and that is if I ever got into video editing. The software on Mac seems far superior for that. Unless anyone can recommend a decent video editing software for the PC...
  16. Anwar

    Mac vs PC for formZ

    Hi Andrew, Hi Justin, Thanks for the reply. The most intensive program I will likely be using is formZ and VRay. It is sounding like I might just need to stick with PC's with NVIDIA graphics. I was expecting to hear most of the opinion on this forum be pro Mac and while the Mac has a strange appeal to me it never had before it seems hard to justify for price and performance based on what I am hearing. Maybe I will just wait and see what the state of the industry is in 2020 before making the decision to use a new platform. When it comes to price, I can find an ASUS Republic of Gamers Quad core laptop with a GTX 1070 and 32GB RAM for $2000 less than the top of the line Macbook Pro, which tops out at $4200. For that price I can get the AMD1950X Justin mentioned if I really want fast renderings, rather than another quad core laptop. The reason I became interested in the Mac is because I am no longer in architecture or graphics design - I am now a software developer by profession, and with the rise of iPhones and iPads in mobile I know of some developers who have left Windows for a Mac. FormZ is, for now, just a serious hobby - maybe someday in the future I will find a way to profit from it again, but at the moment its not how I earn my living anymore. Thanks for the input. -Anwar
  17. Anwar

    Mac vs PC for formZ

    Hi Andrew, Yes the iMac Pro is very expensive, if I need a 10+ core monster for renderings, a 16 core AMD Threadripper is much cheaper. Even an 18 core i9 is cheaper. But I am thinking about the machine I use to do the modeling and interact with on a regular basis, the MacBook Pro looks intriguing. Thanks, Anwar
  18. 1) If I close the Vray interactive window, sometimes I can't open it again, I get "cannot connect to license server" and I have to restart formZ. 2) Also, the Vray material editor seem to be missing. 3) And how do we specify an environment for a scene?
  19. Anwar

    formZ and DEMs

    Tech, I was finally able to locate some DEM files for terrain data on a site I am interested in. The site is approximately 22,000 feet x 17,000 feet. When formZ imports this DEM without subsampling and triangulation, the imported data is at 10 foot x 10 foot resolution which creates a surface with 7,480,000 faces. I tried splitting this surface into two regions with a line and formZ was unable to complete the operation in over 20 hours of CPU time. Trying again, with the subsampling import option and triangulation, the imported data is at 100 foot x 100 foot resolution which results in a surface with 74,800 faces. Trying to split this surface into two regions with a straight line takes about 8 minutes of CPU time. The thing is that tools like ArcGIS can handle terrain data like this in a matter of seconds. So why does formZ take so long? What can be done to optimize this? Is there a way to specify an intermediate subsampling scale, such as 50 foot x 50 foot grids? Thanks, Anwar
  20. Anwar

    formZ and DEMs

    Hi Tech, I was just wondering if you have had a chance to look at the DEM file to see if anything can be done to speed up working with it yet? Thanks, Anwar
  21. Anwar

    formZ and DEMs

    Hi Tech, I uploaded the DEM and the JPG I want to underlay beneath it to your FTP site. I was able to get that underlay at 8192 pixels wide after some time, and that seems like the minimum size needed to trace features to split that surface. If its possible to speed up working with terrain data like this, please let me know. Thanks for your help. -Anwar dem-merged-UTM18N.dem PG_2014b.jpg
  22. Tech, I have an underlay that is over 22,000 pixels wide, it is ariel imagery of a site for very large DEM file I have imported. I need to underlay it on the imported surface so I can trace all the features. However, formZ hangs and I eventually have to kill it when trying to open an underlay of this size. What are the maximum dimensions for an underlay? Thanks, Anwar
  23. Anwar

    Maximum Size of Underlay???

    I was able to shrink it to 4,000 pixels wide, and formZ took that. But what is the limit, so I can size it to as much resolution as I can get out of it?
  24. Anwar

    GPU in Thea

    Does Thea Render use an NVIDIA GTX1070/8GB video card? I never see my GPU running at anything other than idle speed when testing the trial version plug-in.
  25. Question for anyone who can help: formZ imports DEM data, and I am trying to locate some for a map I am working on. I cannot seem to figure out how or where to download any DEM data from anywhere on the internet. Where do I get DEM data from? Thanks, Anwar