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  1. Anwar

    High Memory Usage??

    Is anyone else experiencing formZ having high memory usage on Windows 11 after installing the V-Ray 5.1 update? formZ is taking as much as 7/8GB RAM with no file loaded for me...
  2. Anwar

    High Memory Usage??

    Yes, I reported it to them. The entire Windows operating system fits on an 8GB thumb drive, so I don't think formZ should be loading that many libraries into memory with no files open... I think something is using memory it shouldn't.
  3. Anwar

    Textures Vray 3 vs Vray 5

    Is the 5.1 update to V-Ray still expected this week?
  4. Anwar

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    FormZ is faster in emulation on Windows 11 on an SQ2 than on an Apple M1...think about it..
  5. For anyone else in the community interested in this like I am, formZ now runs on the Surface Pro X (ARM PCs) provided you have the latest Windows 11 updates and the OpenGL Compatibility pack installed from the Windows store. I also have Blender 3.0 running on the Pro X too. While I can tell it is slightly faster on an Intel machine, for most tasks it is quite useable even in this emulation. Will the future of PCs be all ARM??? -Anwar
  6. Another update for anyone following this: FormZ and Blender's latest releases do work on the latest Windows 11 on ARM, however, Z-Brush will not at the present time. It will install successfully but it will crash when you try to launch it. So not all 3D programs work yet...
  7. Returning to the original post for a minute anyone interested in formZ on Windows 11 on ARM might also want to know that: 1) Python can be installed and scripts work 2) V-Ray 5 will also run in emulation on Windows 11 on ARM
  8. Hi Kim, When I open your formZ file it has to be converted because it was created in a previous version (I am on the latest When I use the default OBJ settings in this version of formZ it imports to Blender just fine. So I cannot reproduce exactly what you are experiencing for two reasons: 1) I am on PC, not Mac 2) I am on the latest version of formZ You would have to ask formZ Support for help with your version and platform. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance. -Anwar
  9. Hi Kim, I haven't had any problems with the default settings for OBJ in either program. What issues are you running into, perhaps I can see if I can reproduce them? Or maybe I can recommend a way to change the settings to address your issues. -Anwar
  10. Hi Kim, For the types of modeling formZ is good at (solid modeling) I have never found anything better. For highly organic modeling there is Z-Brush and Blender. FormZ can import and export to and from both of these programs easily via OBJ. I find most of what I want to model is architectural in nature, so I always begin in formZ. However, whereas formZ does have basic object animation, it does not have collision detection, particle systems, fluid dynamics/physics nor many such features you can find in Blender. So if I need advanced animatronics, I will have to export a formZ model to Blender. In general between these three programs, you can create pretty much any 3D visualization you want. FormZ and Z-Brush are reasonably priced, and Blender is free. This combination beats the HUGE and ongoing expense of Autodesk subscriptions in my opinion. Just what I have found in my experience, hope it helps. -Anwar
  11. With the Windows 11 announcement that Android apps will be supported on Windows 11 via the Amazon App Store, AutoDesSys should really consider building an Android viewer like their IOS viewer.
  12. Anwar

    Android Mobile VIewer

    Hi Santa, Well like anything else, you've occasionally got to come up with a new brand image to keep selling products. I'm sure that PC makers put pressure on MS to rebrand Windows so they could sell more computers.
  13. Anwar

    VRay 5 beta progress?

    Any news on when we will see a beta for V-Ray 5?
  14. I tried playing around with this plugin, and Twin Motion. I exported a scene typical of what I would normally work on, and I found that when I tired to delete the folder I exported the data to, that it took almost half an hour because the exporter had created over 15,000 small files. This is kind of silly I think.
  15. Anwar

    Too many files...

    Hi Santa, No they were some kind of geometry file format, I can't remember what it is now. I'd have to try exporting again to see what it is doing...
  16. In terms of AutoDesSys' products what keeps formZ competitive in the rendering arena is their V-Ray plug-in. Interestingly what makes V-Ray powerful is it's support for NVIDIA - CUDA and RTX, and neither of these technologies is available on the Mac. PC's are 90% of the market, Macs are 10%. As long as AutoDesSys continues to support the Mac it means every time they write code they have to write it twice, and test it twice, and ensure cross platform compatibility of the file formats. So, it stands to reason that formZ could innovate twice as fast if their software engineering effort was cut by 50%. Considering advanced rendering technologies are only available on Windows it is clearly the platform that must survive. As I said, you won't like to hear this, but the truth is that if you want formZ to innovate faster then dropping support for the Mac would go a long way to accomplishing this goal.
  17. Anwar

    formZ Still SLOW...

    Hello, I recently upgraded my formZ 6.6 to 8.5 and I am finding that it is still abysmally slow at some things. First, I am running on a reasonably powerful PC: -Core i7 6700HQ Quad Core CPU (2.6-3.5GHz) -32GB RAM -NVIDIA 1070 Graphics with 8GB RAM -1TB SSD + 2TB HDD -Windows 10 This is a "VR" ready PC! Even with these specs certain things which should be speedy are slow. Most notably, I have several model files with facetted geometry which contains 10,000 - 100,000+ faces. When attempting to move these objects the whole system freezes and I eventually have to kill formZ. I can't even move some objects! Why is it still this slow? I'd hate to think would it would be like to use a CAD underlay...
  18. I completely agree. The older drafting module was superior in many ways...
  19. I have the greatest respect for AutoDesSys and formZ. I want it to succeed. But they are not a juggernaut of the industry like Autodesk and I don't see how having to maintain software on more than one platform is helping the pace of innovation. As for Apple, well all I have to say is go to YouTube and watch some Louis Rossmann videos.
  20. Microsoft released the Surface Pro X over a year ago - long before the M1. It's already in its second generation. Is formZ running on Windows on ARM yet? No. But they are sure in a hurry to support M1 Macbooks. Why is priority given to a platform that doesn't have hardware accelerated rendering?
  21. Still don't believe me about Apple giving up on formZ? Read this: Apple will no longer produce the iMac Pro as the company reportedly works on innovative new tech, like foldable iPhones and virtual reality gear (msn.com) Apple is more concerned about phones and cars than computers.
  22. I believe tech support admitted most of the platform dependent code is related to the UI. If you've been reading the forums lately you can see how much criticism of the UI there is. As I said, "jack of all trades, master of none." I do happen to be somewhat knowledgeable about these sort of issues.
  23. I happen to have a master's degree in software engineering, and while I admit I don't have specific experience with CAD programming, I have designed and implemented several non trivial software systems in my time. I just don't understand why anyone should invest any time at all in supporting a platform that does not support the state of the art hardware capabilities for rendering. At this point, it's not formZ that would give up on the Mac, it's the Mac that gave up on formZ... When it comes to multi platform development, there is an old saying "jack of all trades, master of none."
  24. Speaking of UI Improvements, formZ really needs to work at 1920x1080 on Windows. Currently some of the menus are too large to display without scrolling which is annoying at this resolution at 100% scaling.
  25. Anwar

    Apple's new M1 chip

    Windows users are also interested to see formZ running on Windows on ARM on the SQ1 and SQ2...