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  1. David Lemelin

    Apple Silicon M1

    I received my 16" M1 max MacBook Pro yesterday and have been testing out FormZ 9.1 and Maxwell... It all runs. FormZ isn't nearly as smooth as I would have expected from all that GPU power, but Maxwell does render a LOT faster than my old i7 MBP. That said, I expect much greater performance once these apps are optimized. I hope this will not require that we wait multiple years, but with FormZ and Maxwell... well, sometimes things take time. I will be doing more testing with other 3D apps and renderers to validate what I'm seeing in FZ9 and Maxwell 5.2. I'm not dissatisfied at all... but I am anxious to see software running natively on these chips. Oh, and for those who care... all-day Maxwell rendering and modeling at the same time, zero fans. Zero. As for the cost of this machine (+$5k Can) it's a lot... but my last MBP was a 2013 i7, fully specced out and it has been running and rendering for 8 years without a peep (still running the very latest OS update). Only thing I swapped was the battery last year. In comparison, I've never had a PC laptop survive more than 3 years usably. You get what you pay for, and with Apple, it just works. And lasts.
  2. David Lemelin

    Apple's new M1 chip

    Has anyone had the opportunity to test out FormZ on one of Apple's new machines? I am nearing the end of life cycle for my old MacBook Pro and the reviews on the M1 machines sound impressive... but naturally all the benchmarks are video compression and video game frame rates. I'm really curious to see how FormZ and Maxwell will behave on this new chipset. I have a custom-built PC workstation with a Threadripper 16 core processor, which renders like a charm... but I despise the Windows environment. So much so, that I do all my modeling on my 2013 MBP and only render out on the PC. Part of me is secretly hoping the M1 or it's cousins, will allow me to stay in the Mac world and still deliver on time.
  3. David Lemelin

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    Too bad FormZ users are prisoners to third party developers for a decent render engine. i wonder how Blender, which is free, manages to avoid this problem and still deliver a powerful rendered baked in at zero extra cost ... just say’n
  4. David Lemelin

    Palette dock FZ v9

    I’m working on a Mac, I’ve never had to fuss with video drivers, and I reboot daily.
  5. David Lemelin

    Roaming controler

    I’ve made a post a couple of years ago with regards to the controler widget migrating when copies of an object are made. This is most notable with repeated transformations as the controler widget get progressively further and further away from the objects it is tied to. this creates an annoying situation forcing me to recentrer the controler again and again with every duplicate object. I’m m disappointed to find this bug still alive in FZ9. In my original thread about this, several other users had this issue and your in-house team had been able to recreate it. is anyone else dealing with this sort of thing? Is there a solution or a fix I’m not aware of? thanks
  6. David Lemelin

    Palette dock FZ v9

    This UI is really underwhelming. I expected a much more streamlined experience, but maybe in FZ10...
  7. David Lemelin

    Palette dock FZ v9

    A quick follow up to my opening post. Here are more screengrabs of palette malfunction. When the materials palette appears in the doc, a full third seems to disappear off the edge of the screen. If minimized and the returned to normal, the palette content becomes illegible. From this point forward, only separating the palette from the dock returns the palette to its useful layout, which can then be re-docked... I'm thinking the dock may need a bit of tweaking...
  8. David Lemelin

    Palette dock FZ v9

    Hi guys, I'm finally getting my feet wet with FormZ 9 after finally upgrading my maxwell license to work with FZ9. (Side note, if Blender can deliver a modeling program with an integrated ray-traced renderer, for free, shouldn't FZ be closing in on this too?) I am noticing some bugginess in the palette dock. Palettes seem to get truncated without reflowing their content (Material Parameters) and others simply become impossible to resize once they've been reduced. The Inspector palette on my computer right now is only showing the topmost options, the bottom 3/4ths of the window is inaccessible unless I undock the pallette. The tool options palette doesn't seem to be content aware, since the inspector is now a separate entity, the tool options palette should be much smaller... but I can't seem to adjust it by hand. The inspector palette also has content that falls off the screen when docked. some of the odd behaviors seem to resolve if I undock the palette and resize it away from the dock. Is anyone else seeing this?
  9. Hi, I'm creating an image that features a light pattern being projected onto the floor. I am having trouble creating this effect.... I've tried creating an emitter with a black and white HDR, but the black areas don't allow the flooring to show through... I get a black rectangle with my light caustics. I've tried creating an MXM in MXED, but when I bring it into FormZ, it doesn't work at all... I get a white square instead. I'm about to give up and just do this in post in Photoshop... but it bugs me this is causing me so much trouble... anyone have any experience trying to create this effect? The images included below are 1) the emitter material alone with no other light sources. 2) The scene with the colored ambient lights (where you see the background of my light pattern). 3) the floor without the light pattern. 4) a PNG version of the EXR file I'm trying to use to create this light pattern on the floor.
  10. David Lemelin

    Transform "each"

    Does anyone know if there is a way to apply a transformation to multiple selections while retaining their individual center of origin?
  11. David Lemelin

    formZ 9

    Is this application still a living thing? In the years since Upgrading to FZ 8.x I have had three revisions to MODO, two revisions to Rhino and Blender has launched a free 3D application that emphasizes how far 3D tech and hardware have come. There were 2 posts in 2018 about v9 and the few from 2019 sound like calls in the wilderness. Ever since unveiling their support for V-Ray, it's seemed like all further development went into suspended animation. A better rendering solution was a MUST... but there are still lots of things to improve and frankly, considering MODO, Rhino and Blender all have stellar renderers built into the package... the price point on FromZ (which needs an outside renderer to compete) is not making a whole lot of sense. I dunno ADS, feels like you're losing interest or conceding that time has simply passed FormZ by.
  12. David Lemelin

    interface lag on MacOS

    I will give the Object Doctor another shot... I typically run every imported model through it, but it's worth a try. As for the snaps, I have turned off all except the one I need... Unfortunately, that's not the secret
  13. David Lemelin

    interface lag on MacOS

    I'm posting this in hopes someone else has experienced a similar issue. I am running FZ 8.6 on MacOS, with 16Gb ram and a quad-core i7 processor MacBook Pro. It's not the most powerful machine as it's a few years old, but it has always managed all my 3D needs with decent reliability. I'm having a frustrating experience with a file. It's not an especially large file, but it is one that has been evolving from job to job over a number of years as my client adjusts his design twice a year. There are a few outside models of stools and some billboard plants, but otherwise, the model is all generated in FZ over a sequence of about 3 years. At this point, I'm simply trying to draw a rectangle from a snapped corner to another... and every time I move the cursor I'm staring at that bloody spinning wheel. The task manager alternates between "not responding" to 99.9% of CPU use... but ALL I'M DOING is creating a basic rectangle. From the first click trying to snap to a point, to drawing out the rectangle, to the final click to complete the shape... each step gives me the spinning ball. Needless to say, it's getting extremely frustrating. I've turned off every layer and item not in use, to no avail. Even panning around the scene is jerky and imprecise. I'm using shaded display mode. Wireframe is a bit better, but it's hard to model with every vertex visible. Do I need to re-model every legacy model every time I need to work in order for FZ to behave at a professional level? The issue is even worse on my Windows machine. Despite using a 16 core Threadripper CPU and 2 Titan X video cards, navigating around the model is like playing flight simulator on a 386PC from the 90's. Any ideas would be welcome before I completely lose patience.
  14. David Lemelin

    FormZ Pro 8.5 Windows 3D mouse will no longer work

    In case anyone is having a similar problem... Here is an update I have been working with tech support from my Antivirus provider, 3Dconnexion, and now FormZ. We have eliminated the virus software as being part of the problem. We have eliminated driver issues and hardware issues with the mouse. With help from 3Dconnexion I was able to get the mouse working with FormZ again. That was just a process of resetting the driver and it's settings files. The tech at 3Dconnexion was able to replicate the problem at his end (where the settings panel for the 3D mouse is impossible to adjust, meaning the mouse only works in factory default setting. Touching the control panel resets is to "Windows Explorer" settings which don't affect the mouse's behavior in FormZ) Yesterday the FromZ tech and I explored what I was seeing across a shared screen and validated that the source problem seems difficult to pin-point. He is currently performing some research at his end. So, no resolution yet... but I wanted to provide an update for anyone who might be experiencing this situation.
  15. I have recently begun porting my FormZ work from my beloved (if underpowered) Mac to a more robust PC Workstation. In the process of working out bugs, and when I'm on the road, I still do lots of modeling work on my Mac. However, I'm running up against an annoying issue with texture maps losing their link when I move to the PC station. I keep all my live documents and 3D resources in a DropBox account which keeps all my computers synced and my work available where ever I go. So when I open model "x" it is always from the DropBox location which also contains all the related texture maps. Even MXM textures live in a folder on that remote drive. However, when I try to render my work, I get constant error messages about missing links... The really weird thing is that it's not uniform. Some textures go missing while others are still there. To add insult to injury, Maxwell Fire, which I use as a flight check for my final renders, lists missing textures or texture components... one. at. a. time. Meaning I have to cycle through starting Fire, then opening the log to find which texture is causing the render to fail, then relink that texture, then start all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. So two points; a) has anyone come up on this and found a solution to keep texture linked to the model across stations? would it be conceivable for Maxwell to perform a complete flight check of all dependencies before writing the log?