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Exploded 3D Drawings

Bo Atkinson

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Long ago the Independent Scale tool had an option to "scale the space between objects", such that assemblies like this bike could have axel parts moved along an axis vector line.  I think this was dropped possibly before year 2000... Can Such functionality be brought back to FormZ again?  In the case of the the U-Scale tool, objects should be distanced apart from the center snapped point, which  actually has a useful architectural advantage , to show clients the optional object spacing in room design phases.


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This would be great.  Or perhaps something along the lines of model configurations like in SolidWorks or Rhino would be really beneficial.  Duplicating a model to show an exploded version is not ideal in terms of data (or convenience).  If you could assign configurations (and name the configurations) it would save a lot of headaches and duplicate geometry. 

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