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It saddens me to see all these new/potential renderers showing direct support for over a dozen 3D modeling programs and formZ is not on the list.  KeyShot and SimLab are just two of dozens that don't offer support.  Exporting to OBJ, 3DS, FBX or whatever is always an option, but (at least in formZ) these exports are not foolproof.


The really bizarre thing is that formZ has been in the industry longer than most of these other companies... so what happened?


ADS needs to move 3rd party render support to the top of the priority list.


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I agree Snow. I have some thoughts...


I remember when Maxwell came out years ago and they were really excited to support FormZ when we (the uZers) pushed for the support of a new powerful renderer. Thanks to Pylon we still have relatively quick and intuitive answers when needed.


I was excited when vray came out for Z recently but unfortunately I haven’t been able to include it “yet” into my workflow (I hope to asap).


There seems to be a lot of negativity these days on this forum without AutoDesSys jumping in to retort or help newer users. Please ADS sort this out!


I miss the forum in the past where modelling advice and general help was to the forefront. And as a result made this place one of the best forums for 3D.


I am hopeful that ADS are working hard on the new and improved FormZ 9, but we, the regulars, and new need more feedback and more from this (and still is) a great package.



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