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Help Modelling Scalloped Shaped Bowl and Cup

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I think i got there in the end.

Here is a list of the steps based on the ghosted work Dan left:


1. Create the scallop shape by drawing a half profile with the vector line tool. Mirror copy and Nurbs blend the two halves together.

2. Nurbs reconstruct the new shape to have a length & depth of 2, to give the shape a center line. Move the centre out to curve the shape.

3. Create the cup body by revolving a vector line.

4. Rotate copy the scallop shape around the cup body.

5. Two way surface split the scallop shapes with the cup body.

6. Delete the unwanted parts.

7. Stitch the remaining parts and round.


Thanks for all the help Dan, if there's any shortcuts to what i've outlined please let me know!



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Thanks FZnoob, 


I had a go using this technique, and the results are ok, the main issue i had was that there is some puckering on the edges and i couldn't get a perfectly smooth bowl shape. See attached picture.



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Hey it's working now! See attached

I think it was something to do with our IT/Firewall.

We have been having all sorts of weirdness for the past few days.


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