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  1. I love FormZ but.... One of the things that holds me back in FormZ is the lack of tools to generate realistic surface texture on an object. More often than not i have to export models from FormZ into other programs to add raised patterns to the surface of my models. Displacement mapping in FormZ may as well not exist as if crashes frequently and often takes hours to produce the simplest textures. Bump mapping is also limited as you do not have the ability to adjust the depth of the map effectively and realistically. Please, please, please take learning from Solid Works, Maxwell & Thea which have much quicker and easier versions of both displacement and bump maps.
  2. Hutchy1980

    Help Modelling Scalloped Shaped Bowl and Cup

    Thanks FZnoob, I had a go using this technique, and the results are ok, the main issue i had was that there is some puckering on the edges and i couldn't get a perfectly smooth bowl shape. See attached picture.
  3. Hutchy1980

    Help Modelling Scalloped Shaped Bowl and Cup

    I think i got there in the end. Here is a list of the steps based on the ghosted work Dan left: 1. Create the scallop shape by drawing a half profile with the vector line tool. Mirror copy and Nurbs blend the two halves together. 2. Nurbs reconstruct the new shape to have a length & depth of 2, to give the shape a center line. Move the centre out to curve the shape. 3. Create the cup body by revolving a vector line. 4. Rotate copy the scallop shape around the cup body. 5. Two way surface split the scallop shapes with the cup body. 6. Delete the unwanted parts. 7. Stitch the remaining parts and round. Thanks for all the help Dan, if there's any shortcuts to what i've outlined please let me know! Dave
  4. Hutchy1980

    Help Modelling Scalloped Shaped Bowl and Cup

    Thanks Dan, I'll take a look now and let you know how i get on.
  5. Hi All, Struggling with coming up with a good way to model the bowl and cup in the attached picture. Does anyone have any good ideas to get me started? Thanks Dave
  6. Hutchy1980


    Hi All, I have some issues trying to cap the end of a Nurbs object. This usually works without any problems but for some reason this object is refusing to do so. Can anyone offer any advice/help? FIlE DOWNLOAD LINK Thanks Dave
  7. Hutchy1980

    Surface textures & embossing

    Hi Tech, That dosen't give you any control over the depth of the surface, and in my opinion lacks depth and looks unrealistic when rendered. This is the approach i've used for a couple of years but hoped there may be a new or better way of doing this.
  8. Hi All, I have to create a lot of models that have textured surface pattern, is there a good method for creating embossed geometry on the surface of an object? Attached are some ceramic vases with the type of embossing i have to emulate, i tend to fake it with bump maps but more often that not these tend to look unrealistic and lack depth. I have also experimented with displacement maps but found this glitchy and tends to take an age to displace the geometry. Any help\guidence would be much appreciated. Dave
  9. Hutchy1980

    Decal Issue

    Thanks Tech, Finally got this solved, it turned out it was an issue with my graphics card driver. Once i updated it, it was fine.
  10. Hutchy1980

    Decal Issue

    Hi Tech, I believe i have found a bug. Attached is an object that I'm unable to apply any decal to!!! Curved Pot.zip
  11. Hutchy1980

    Missing faces on object when Rendered

    Hi Tech, I ended up re-drawing the pitcher in the end, but i went back to the old file and applied the settings you suggested. This did help and image was ok for presentation. Thanks again for you help.
  12. Hutchy1980

    Missing faces on object when Rendered

    No not really, as the surface has white specks on and the handle of the pitcher appears faceted and not smooth. I will have to re-draw and hope the same error doesn't occur.
  13. Hi Tech, I have an issue with rendering a pitcher I've drawn. In shaded view all the geometry is solid without any missing faces, however as soon as i use Renderzone you can see parts missing. I've tried correcting this with object doctor but I've not been successful. Please can you assist? Attached are images for reference and I've also attached the file. Jug.zip
  14. Hutchy1980

    Shaded Work Display

    Thanks Tech, Finally got there, in the end it was a driver issue, i had to roll back to a previous version then reinstall the latest version again. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Hutchy1980

    Shaded Work Display

    Hi Tech, I cannot get any objects to display in Shaded View, everything appears in wire frame. Please see attached. My graphics card is a ATI Mobility Raedeon HD 5470 with Open GL Version, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave