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change text, how ?


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Hi IngoErik,


Sorry you are having trouble.   If you pick your text and check the Info Tab of the Pick Options, what Object Type and Model Type is listed there?


And if this is Object Text, you can click the Parameters Tab and adjust options like the size, orientation, justification, etc.  Or you can use the Edit Text tool to change the font(s) if desired.  (Or if you want to manipulate multiple text strings -- and then you can use the Find and Replace to just change the font style or size if you want...)


The current version of formZ has an option to convert this imported text into NOTE Text instead of Object Text.  If you have (or had) Note Text, then you can simply edit and adjust the Text / Dimension Style that is being used (Pick the Note Text, click the Parameters Tab, and click the green + sign to create a New Dimension Style with the desired parameters, and then just change the NOTE Text to use this new Style and all of its parameters.


If you need any further help, please send a FMZ file along with a quick note or two for exactly what you are trying to achieve, and we will do our best to help.   ;)

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The Note Text tool needs a major overhaul! Editing such text does not work in 9.1.0 (A399) for a start. I feel that the concept of resizable text boxes was better in many ways.

Things like automatic line breaks, spell checking, and better justification options would come in handy. "Middle Centre" justified text only works at the paragraph level, for example, rather than every line, which bugs me.

It's also confusing that a change of font requires the creation of a new a dimension style.

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