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FormZ Pro 8.5 info?


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Have to admit, the 6.x version is preferred.    Faster to have hotkeys set for all the snaps.   Especially when the interval snap is deliberately set to something other than 2.  For me, 3 is used a lot.


Give me the SDK, and I can take care of that though  ;)

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I have reported the problem with interval snap before and Tech acknowledged the problem already.  I guess you have forgotten?


Why can't we have both interval and midpoint?  I have never used a piece of software that combines Midpoint and Interval into one function.  Terribly inefficient with no benefit.  There is absolutely no advantage, except saving one icon on screen - which isn't worth much in my opinion.


Try for once using the software to align several copies of an object evenly along a line from their midpoint.  Grab an object by midpoint, go into Interval Snap, reset the snap interval to 3 or 5 or whatever interval required, snap object in place.  Now I have to go back to Interval snap and reset to 2 to get midpoint snap.  Need another copy at an interval...repeat...process.  Does this sound like an efficient process?  No?  That because it isn't.  I thought v7 and v8 were devised for speed and efficiency.  This is a case where less was definitely not more.


Sorry to sound frustrated on this one.  When I see all the effort to add fancy new features, but am stuck with the same basic problems it adds up to a lot of time wasted during my day.  


I also must say that I still find the Shaded Full shadow performance so poor in v8 that I haven't upgraded yet.  That is 100% holding me back from upgrading and I'm not sure if there is any improvement on the way in 8.5.  Which leaves me sadly stuck on v7.  I use Shaded Full for architectural elevations and 3D views that are used for client presentations in the schematic phase, preliminary submittals to clients, HOA boards, and city officials, plus elevations and 3D views are used directly on my construction documents.   Renderzone is far to involved to be used for these images.  Shaded Work too simplistic.  I commented at length on the shadow performance in a previous post.  It might not matter to some uses, but to me it is critical.  I love the improvements in the Shaded Full render settings (live AO, multi sampling, shadow darkness control, soft shadows), but the jaggedness and wavyness of the edge is quite frankly so bad that I can't use it for professional production.   Simply turning on soft shadows is not a viable solution for me.


I LOVE the program and do every single project in formZ.  I use it for conceptual modeling, schematic design, and construction documents.  I wouldn't trade it for any competitors and I rave about it with whomever will listen.  Still these small things drive me crazy when I use it day in and out.  Especially as I can't upgrade over the shadow performance.  



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