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upgrade from V6


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apologies if this has been asked before (many times I imagine) but I don't have a great deal of time to search


it looks like I will have to replace my old MacPro shortly and need to ask a couple of things...


> will FormZ 6.6.2 run successfully on the latest Mac os?


> I will probably upgrade to V8 but need to know if there's an option to run the pre V7 interface? I appreciate the newer version is superior and I fully intend to learn it, but I would like to kick off in familiar surroundings due to deadline pressures


thanks in advance





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I've not been able to register 6.7.3 on a 2012 Macpro. For some reason the valid formZ  registration code which worked on previous machines was not accepted on the 2012 Macpro, with Mavericks 10.9.5. Z-Version 6 has a few useful tools, not available on v7 or v8. So i would  have to use my old  Mac for a v6 task, (back saving fmz from 8 to 7 to 6 format, then go through USB, to older machine, etc..). 


My experience is, don't trash a working copy of 6 if you have one, even if an old computer is dying. The flurry of MacOS upgrades might prove disappointing and take up far more time than expected, while still lacking something, which one used to have.  

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You will need dongle for 6.7 and registration number for fmz7 or 8

thanks Dennis


I have 6.6.2 at the moment


will I be able to upgrade to 8 and still be able to use my old version whilst I get used to it? (obviously not at the same time  ;) )

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Hi Steve,


version 6.7.3 is the oldest version that is supported on the current version of OS X.  If you upgrade to the current version, we can also make that version available to you, but if you follow the suggestions in the Migration Guide thread:




…you should be up to speed quickly (IF you take a day or two to study the changes).

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thanks Tech


yes, that would be best - I have sent an email to support regarding the upgrade (where from, cost etc? to here in the UK) - I would like to get something sorted quickly if at all possible





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