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3-car passenger A & B-Train

Product Design

3-car passenger A & B-Train

This is an A-Train elevated track system with mixed A&B-Train freight and 7-car passenger B-Train. Freight trains are remote automated and have no operator.

The pendulum overhead railway is a uniquely integrated system for both passengers and freight. It has two sizes or sets of passenger and freight cars: one optimized for urban/light service and the other for intercity/heavy duty traffic. The trains are part of an integrated transportation system, including stations and freight facilities. It is elevated so that there is grade separation from all roads to minimize accidents, collisions, and delays. It can be routed along or over roads and buildings and it provides a superb view for passengers.

In this conceptual design cars are suspended by pylons that fit into a slot along the underside of a large tube carrying the train. Inside the tube there is a rail on either side of the slot. A four-wheel truck runs on the rails, holding up each pylon. The front car of passenger trains has a removable cab attached to it.