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Weston, Poppy

University of Wales Institute-Cardiff

"Project: Rambert Dance Company"
The Rambert Dance Company is Britain’s flagship contemporary dance company, it needs a new home for the 21st Century that refl ects these qualities. As a repertory dance company, Rambert is on the road for most of the year, but when they do return home to London it is to relax, recoup, rehearse and also develop fresh new talent. The company has outgrown its current home in Chiswick, West London, and now needs a new base in a more central London location. This would give Rambert the space it needs to create new productions and more of an opportunity to work with the community. The Rambert Dance Company archive was set up in 1982 to record and preserve the company’s repertoire for future generations but currently it has no space to display it. This new facility to house an archive / exhibition space, dance studios, café / bar and theatre in a dramatically re-modelled central London building on Clerkenwell Road designed by this student, creates a place for all the Rambert operations and dreams to flourish.

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