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Using Unreal5 for Architectural


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Thought this might be interesting to some...



Unreal Engine 5 for Architecture

Wednesday, July 20

Unreal Engine 5 for Architecture

Wondering how Unreal Engine 5 can supercharge architectural visualization?

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar in which we’ll demonstrate the technology advances in UE5 that are beneficial to the architecture community.

The representation of data is critical in architecture. Previously, technological limitations have made it impossible to seamlessly represent the vast array of data that goes into a building design. Unreal Engine 5 enables creators to include far more information and data in their architectural visualizations, in scenes that are of an incredible visual fidelity.

This webinar will explore the new settings you can configure in the Architecture Project Template before starting an archviz project in Unreal Engine 5, the potential to expand projects efficiently, and fresh updates for building out environments. We’ll also look at the improvements to Direct Link workflows and new techniques for lighting and rendering.

You’ll learn about:

  •  UE5 updates to the Architecture Project Template
  •  The latest Datasmith improvements
  •  How to use Lumen for archviz
  •  Various workflows for editing models

About the presenter
Technical Marketing Manager, Epic Games

A designer and 3D artist based in New York City and Los Angeles, Sam has a strong focus in real-time rendering. Currently, she is a technical marketing manager at Epic Games. Previously, Sam was a visualization specialist at SHoP Architects, where she focused on research and development, promoting the use of real-time technology to improve design processes.

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