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High Memory Usage??


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Using Windows 10... and I see the same memory usage of 7 to 8GB RAM.  I have to be honest, I never noticed this before, as I have 64GB RAM and it always seems to be sufficient these days.  

That being said, I just did a test and Rhino and 3dsmax both only use about 1/10 as much RAM with the same VRAY and Twinmotion plugins installed. 700-800mb.  So it definitely looks like we may have a memory problem.  

Did you report it to Support?

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I have noticed something similar. From attached pictures you can see it takes 800 Mb when formZ is started, but when I open a 120 Mb unpacked file it takes 12 GB. After a while it has reduced to 5 GB. I have 16 GB onboard and Win 10. FormZ (build A46A).

memory 1.jpg

memory 2.jpg

memory 3.jpg

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