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export with groups... and preferably with textures


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I'm looking to do more more animation in Cinema4D while using formZ as my primary modeler BUT a huge issue before I do this is that groups do NOT export with FBX, OBJ, or 3DS.  

I'm using 8.6.5 on Windows.  Can anyone tell me if this is the case in version 9?

(draw 5 cubes, group, export FBX, import into C4D-- are all objects separate or within a null?)

I've tested using Rhino and Sketchup and both programs allow me to group objects, export as FBX, import into C4D, and those objects show up within a null.

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One solution would be to isolate objects within your FMZ file by layer. Exporting .FBX sends only visible objects to .FBX format. Then import into C4D and then immediately group them into a null object (alt + G). Do this with all objects/layers until you assemble the complete model in C4D. FMZ -> FBX -> C4D recognizes object location, thus all objects should come into the correct place in the model. This could become cumbersome if dealing with complex models, but it is reliable.

BTW on MacOS FMZ 9.1 -> FBX does not carry textures. For this reason I still use 8.6.


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Thanks Shibui.  I may give this a try for smaller models.  I mostly work with retail displays so what I would be animating is a single group of products, up to around a dozen product (or maybe up to 30 in some cases).  So this would mean a LOT of exports and FBX already duplicates EVERY texture in the file regardless if its on an invisible layer.  I'd prodbaly end up with 60 versions of every single texture in the file causing a massive bloat haha.  

Sadly, it seems the best solution (until there is a fix) is to try spending more time modeling in C4D or Rhino for these cases. 

Oh, and that really sucks that FBX doesn't carry textures in v9.  thanks for the heads up.  My IT department would be very unhappy with me if I asked for an update just to downgrade. 

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Duplication of textures at every export is a pain. I just delete all the extras from time to time. I manage all my textures in a separate folder, so gathering all the extra duplicates is easy to do. I've tried modeling in C4D but my brain just doesn't work that way. I much prefer the precision offered by FMZ. Rhino seems to be looking evermore attractive as FMZ appears to be withering on the vine.

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