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I am doing A LOT of walkthroughs these days.  Live via Zoom, sometimes in person (COVID 19 dependent) and recorded.  With the power of Shaded Full rendering this is a great option to communicate the design to clients, produce marketing videos, and simply view the model in house.  Twinmotion is a fantastic add to FormZ, but sometimes Shaded Full is all I need and no additional setup or render time is required.  Additionally no animation setup is required.  It could not be easier.  However the navigation visuals get in the way and really detract from the visual quality.

I would love an option to remove the navigation visuals:  the yellow feet and targets that are on screen while using the walkthrough tool.  There are actually two targets, one that comes up with the tool and a plus sign when you click to start walking.  Plus the yellow feet.  Circled in red below:



I actually don't see the point of the targets at all.  I can see the feet being useful for navigation.  Perhaps an option to show/hide the navigation visuals would be best.  

Thanks for considering.

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I agree. I use these tools frequently myself when sharing my screen on video meetings. The feet should disappear after the mouse button is pressed.

I get around it by using my 3dconnexion controller which works great once practiced.

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