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White Background Rendering - Cracked it!


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After a lot of trial and error I think I have finally found the holy grail of white rendering background that I've been looking for.

- Floor direction : I must have done about 15 renders switching a ton of things on and off to get the shadows to save in the image file until I realized another problem I had before was fixed with reversing the direction of the floor object.

- I used an HDRI file for the lighting and I kept it visible so I got the reflections in the metal.

- I did a simple floor/backdrop using the matte material otherwise you'd see the HDRI light behind.... you want everything in the view to be the matte material.

- The "No GI On Other Mattes" was an important checkbox otherwise you get ambient shading on the walls and floor that you don't want. 


I'm really super pumped for this because it's going to make my life infinitely easier putting together presentations.


Hope this brings a small ray of light into someone else's life too :)

Let me know if you have any questions

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 1.53.31 PM.png

Untitled 22.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 1.54.47 PM.png

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Good job.  This is a pretty common 'studio' scene you've built.  If you look up tutorials on how to create a studio scene in VRay, you will find many other options.  Some where you create a large sphere with a floor (turn off shadow casting on these) to incorporate your whole scene.  That way you you can quickly create views from all sides of your project without needing to rotate it.  

Now if we could just get back a properly functioning Cone of Vision...

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