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VRay Licensing


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I am considering VRay, but must admit that the licensing is putting me off. Is an internet connection really required for the entire time the software is in use?

I understand that the licence can be "borrowed" for offline use, but how does this work? Would someone with experience please clarify the process? It almost seems like more trouble than its worth to me!

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It's pretty simple to 'borrow' the license for offline use for 14 days if you do not think you will have a solid internet connection during that time.  Otherwise, VRay will check for a license at first formZ start, and then again when you click VRay render.  Most of us are using VRay on a powerful workstation from a single location, so this isn't an often used feature unless you need to travel.   I've used this before while traveling and it worked fine, but rendering on a laptop was painfully slow IMO.  Using the GPU engine on a newer RTX GPU equipped laptop would certainly work better, but there are still some features missing from the GPU engine that you may need to use CPU to get.

FYI, You goto the license webpage and click Use license offline, a few more clicks and it's done. 


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Thanks Justin. It seems to be overly draconian. I wonder why they feel the need for such a licensing regime?

Anyway, it's something to think about. Is Maxwell still available for Form.Z? I believe it's slower than VRay, but of better quality. How does Maxwell licensing compare?

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Both Maxwell and Vray require an online license.  Maxwell is considerably slower even in their latest release but it is better quality and has Multilight.  Vray is usually adequate for my needs.

 I recently traveled to my sister in laws in Oregon where they had no internet and only a weak cell signal.  Very rural.  I brought my laptop which is pretty powerful and one of my 24 inch monitors to get some work done.  Thankfully monitors are very light these days compared to the old behemoths.  When it was time to render I used my cell phone as a hot spot and logged in to the license server.  I had to go up to the top of a ridge nearby to get a good signal.  So anything is possible, but sometimes you have to get creative.  For what its worth it seems like many software companies are doing an online license lately.  I guess they expect you to be connected to the internet to get anything done anyway.  And then there is the issue of annual subscription services but that is a completely different discussion.  

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